Energy Efficient LED Light Fixtures

Joe/ May 22, 2019/ Energy Saving

Lighting industrial spaces is a costly endeavor, but the right lighting can help reduce the energy expenditures and maintenance costs of this task. HyLite LED Lighting offers several efficient, long-lasting LED lighting options that can help keep your facility well-lit and your energy budget under control. Here is a closer look at some of the energy efficient LED lighting options available for your industrial facility, and the benefits of choosing LED for this need.

Omni-Cob Lights for Industrial Lighting
For energy-efficient industrial light fixtures, HyLite LED Lighting’s Omni-Cob Lamps are a great fit. Retrofit for HID/MH/HPS light fixtures, these lights save up to 80 percent on energy costs and have up to 60,000 hours of rated life. This means they can burn for 17 years at a rate of 10 hours per day. These work great for warehouse and high bay lighting.

Lotus Lamps for Industrial Lighting
HyLite LED Lotus Lamps have a 180-degree adjustable bracket, so they can be mounted in several different positions. They offer similar lifespans and energy savings as the Omni-Cob lamps, and can be used in explosion-proof fixtures, high ceilings, and parking garages. They offer complete protection from dust infiltration and water splashes, so factories that make a mess are not a problem for this light.

Arc-Cob Lights for Industrial Lighting
For site and area lighting or security lighting, the Arc-Cob lamp from HyLite LED Lighting is an excellent choice. It has a universal burning position, so it can be mounted with the base in any direction and offers protection from dust and water infiltration.

Intigo Lamps for Industrial Lighting
Intigo Lamps offer the benefits of LED without any ballast. They work well in high bays and on post tops, and can be used in fully enclosed fixtures, such as street and parking lights. HyLite LED Lighting has both omni-directional, downlight, and post-top models of Intigo lamps.

LED XPL Fixtures
For manufacturing plants, parking garages, and warehouses, LED XPL fixtures are a great choice. These shockproof, waterproof lights replace traditional fluorescent lighting and feature a 230-degree beam angle for directional, efficient lighting.

Benefits of LED Light Fixtures for Industrial Spaces
Most industrial spaces need to be lit round the clock. Whether a storage facility or a factory or a parking garage, proper lighting always reduces the risk of theft while improving the safety of the building and the efficiency of the workers it contains. Yet leaving the lights on at all times is costly.

LED lighting fixtures reduce the amount of energy used to light a building by as much as 80 percent in most instances. This lowers energy bills significantly, without sacrificing the quality of the light. Also, these lights are instant-on, so there is no time needed for them to warm up. LED lighting does not dim with time like other industrial lighting options, so the light remains bright and clear throughout the lifetime of the lamp or bulb.

LED lights also have longer lifespans than other lighting options. This means you can use them for many years without having to change the bulb. This reduces maintenance costs and the risk of dark areas due to burned out or failed lights.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting for your industrial facility, HyLite LED Lighting is the right choice. With our retrofit lighting solutions, you can find exactly what you need. Browse our industrial light fixtures today to find the right options for your facility.