Top 6 Applications for PAR Lamps

Joe/ May 11, 2019/ Applications

At HyLite LED Lighting, we pride ourselves in offering an extensive selection of LED lighting options. Our goal is to be the only resource you need for retrofit, energy-efficient LED lighting for your facility. One of our popular options are our LED PAR Retrofit Lamps. These lamps are 85 percent more efficient than halogen or incandescent options and 64 percent more efficient than CFLs, with a rated lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. They fit many different applications, offering an energy efficient option for everything from stores to security lighting. Here is a closer look at some of the top applications of energy efficient LED PAR lamps.

Office Lighting
Today’s offices require bright and efficient lighting to keep employees efficient and ensure the security of the building. The right lighting also helps limit eye strain for hard-working office employees. Yet keeping an office well-lit can drive up energy bills. HyLite LED Lighting’s PAR Lamps work well in offices, replacing CFL and incandescent bulbs with a retrofit design that simply screws into place. This is a glare-free, soft light that reduces visual fatigue and keeps everyone in the office more productive.

Places of Worship Lighting
Lighting in Places of Worship needs to be bright and efficient, because it will determine the mood of the message being delivered. Currently, with Incandescent and Halogen Bulbs, maintenance is a major issue as they burn out very quickly and are often hard to reach. With HyLite LED PAR lamps, you enjoy many years of effective lighting without risk of a burnout, and the benefit of highly efficient lighting options.

Retail Industry
The retail industry requires bright, even lighting to properly showcase items for sale. Shoppers are drawn to well-lit stores, and they are better able to make purchase decisions when they can view items in the right lighting. LED PAR Lamps work well in stores, shopping malls and other retail settings, giving the benefits of LED in an environment where soft, even lighting is critical.

Art Galleries and Museums
Showcasing works of art or rare museum artifacts requires lighting that is close to natural light. In art galleries and museums, security is also important, and the right lighting makes spaces better protected. LED PAR lamps replace halogen or CFL lamps in these settings, render colors accurately, improving the viewer experience and making the space brighter and safer.

Showroom Lighting
A showroom needs the right lighting to accurately showcase the items it has for sale. Whether it is selling cars, jewelry, home improvement items, or something else entirely, LED PAR lamps from HyLite LED Lighting will deliver reliable, clear lighting whenever needed. These lights are also dimmable, which means you can create the required mood for your location depending on the type of product you are selling.

Hospitality and Restaurant Lighting
Setting the right mood at a restaurant or in a hotel requires the right level of control, and an LED PAR lamp gives you that control. This glare-free, crisp light is unaffected by frequent on/off cycling, offers dimmable lighting, and comes in several different powers. These lights last 25 times longer than incandescent lamps and six times longer than CFLs, so you can deliver reliable lighting to your guests with every single visit.

No matter your industry, if you want the convenience of easy installation combined with the energy efficiency of LED, you want to shop for HyLite LED PAR Lamp options. Browse our products to find the right lighting for your application.