PAR56 & PAR64 Retrofit

LED Lamp Retrofit Solution for Incandescent and Halogen Sealed Beam PAR56, & PAR64


For almost the past 75 years PAR Lamp Lights have been lighting up Stages, Churches, Auditoriums, Convention Centers & Studios, just to name a few applications. The Parabolic Aluminized Reflector otherwise known as the PAR Can, has been the Light of choice for a lot of these applications. Nothing has changed much in the PAR Lighting game since the 1950’s until the advent of LED Technology. LED has created an ideal replacement for the traditional PAR Can Lights.

HyLite LED Lighting’s Retrofit Solution to the PAR Lamp Light, allows for a Simple Installation, without the need to replace the existing Can or the Fixture. There hasn’t been a feasible or a reliable LED Retrofit Solution for High Power PAR Can Lights, until the HyLite LED Lotus PAR Retrofit Solution. Retrofitting these Traditional Incandescent or Halogen Lights to LED, has been the Optimal Solution to continue using the existing Housing, without incurring the expensive cost of replacing the entire Fixture.


There are 3 Lotus Lamps in the series: 40W, 60W, & 100W

  • The 40W & 60W Lotus Lamp retrofits into the PAR56 Can
  • The 100W Lotus Lamp retrofits into the PAR64 Can

When mounting the Lotus into the PAR Can, the most common method is installing from the rear side. After opening the rear door of the PAR Can the Lotus LED Lamp will slide into the Can and lock down on the clips inside. Some of the PAR Cans have a Screw Mount that will further Secure the Lamp in-place.

What to Know When Retrofitting PAR Lamps


The HyLite Lotus Lamp is our Proprietary and Patented Design.


The HyLite Lotus Lamp fits into Can Lights to replace the traditional PAR Lamps.


The LED Technology is still evolving and HyLite is leading the way in the industry.

Features of the Lotus Series

  • The HyLite Lotus LED Lamp is IP65 rated. Provides complete Protection from Dust Infiltration & Water Splashes
  • 60,000 Hours of Rated Life
  • Dimmable Models Available
  • Suitable for Enclosed Fixtures with a Temperature Rating of up to 113ºF (45ºC)
  • The Proprietary Design helps Cool the Lamp making the product have a Long Life and makes it Safe and Reliable
  • The Lotus LED Lamps are available in different Color Temperatures
    • 3000K (Warm) & 5000K (Daylight) depending on the user’s needs
  • Available in Multiple Beam Angles
    • 25º, 40º & 120º
    • Whether you need a Spotlight or a Wide Flood to light up the Stage, Theater or Area, the Lotus LED Lamp has the right Solution for you
  • High CRI Rating of >80 showing Colors as they are meant to be seen
  • Eligible for Utility Rebates
  • Is this Lamp Dimmable? Yes, they are Triac Dimmable.
  • Triac Dimmable for use with 120VAC, 50/60Hz. Only. If select 277VAC a step-down transformer is needed.
  • Proprietary Designs - U.S. Patents: *
    • D860,481 S *
    • D860,481 S-1 *

*HyLite is providing this information to the general public only. Please note that all products contained herein are either Trademarked, Copyrighted, and/or have Patents or Patents Pending. Any use of these Designs is Strictly Prohibited. HyLite LED, LLC. Protects its Proprietary Information Vigorously in the Courts of the United State of America

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