2024 Sound & Video Contractor Innovative Products Award Winner

Nathan Davis/ April 16, 2024/ News

100W Triac Dimmable Lotus Lamp

Selected by the readers of Sound & Video Contractor, the 100W Lotus Lamp won the Emerging Technology section for the 2024 Innovative Products Awards. The Lotus Lamp is the World's Only 100W Triac Dimmable LED Lamp. The 100-Watt Lotus Lamp replaces the 1,000 Watt Incandescent and Halogen Lamp. The Proprietary & Patented Diecast Heat-Sink Design provides excellent Thermal Management and Heat Dissipation.

The IP-65 Design provides complete Ingress Protection against Contact, Dust Infiltration, Water Splashes and is suitable for Outdoor applications. It has an ultra-long rated life of up to 60,000 hours, offers years of reliable performance for the lowest total cost of ownership.

The 100W Lotus Lamp retrofits into the PAR64 Can. HyLite LED Lighting’s Retrofit Solution to the PAR Lamp, allows for a Simple Installation, without the need to replace the existing Can or the Fixture. There hasn’t been a feasible or a reliable LED Retrofit Solution for High Power PAR Can Lights, until the HyLite LED Lotus PAR Retrofit Solution.

For more information about the Lotus Lamp visit our website: hyliteledlighting.com/lotus-lamp/.

Request More Product Information: info@hylite.us

SVC Announces Winners of the 2024 Innovative Product Awards

The 13th annual reader-voted Innovative Product Awards acknowledges both electronic and mechanical innovations and celebrates the designers and engineers behind each of these products. Winners were chosen by SVC readers from among submitted products. Click Here

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