Our Story

HyLite LED Lighting was founded in 2010. It was fueled by trying to answer one core question: How can we lessen society’s dependence on fossil fuels while providing sustainable energy options and solutions that limit the negative impact on our planet?

Our founder, Harry Amin, with his relentless passion for the environment, asked himself this question and made it a personal challenge to find a sustainable solution.Harry comes from humble beginnings in Arusha, a small town in Tanzania, East Africa. Growing up in Arusha, he was surrounded by nature in one of its purest forms. From the grasslands of the Serengeti to Mount Kilimanjaro, the abundance of wild flora and fauna left a lasting impact on Harry.

With this in mind, Harry came up with the concept of a hybrid operating streetlight that would work off of the wind and the sun. This could help a community receive light in the local towns & villages while avoiding deforestation, disturbing wildlife, and the digging, trenching, wiring, etc. that comes with setting up traditional lighting infrastructure.

Although the system could generate power 24/7, even with a full charge on two batteries, the lights would only stay on for 2-3 hours per night. While each part of the system was highly efficient, there was only one component that was not pulling its weight: Lighting. Traditional lighting consumes a significant amount of energy wherever it may be in use: a building profile, parking lots, or in this case, street lights. It was through this notion that Harry saw an opportunity to harness the emerging technology of more efficient lighting and used it to create a broader scope of helping people everywhere reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while increasing the visual aesthetics of their setting. Staying true to Harry’s initial vision of sustainability and giving back, HyLite LED Lighting was created to help protect the environment through our revolutionary lighting systems and ensure long-term economic sustainability for businesses, communities, and governments around the globe.

HyLite is dedicated to becoming a truly green manufacturing company and reducing the impact that we all have on the environment. From utilizing incorporating recycled content into our product line to the energy savings that can be obtained through energy efficient LED Lighting solutions, HyLite LED Lighting is dedicated to working towards a more sustainable future for everyone. While HyLite LED Lighting is a pioneer in the development of new, energy-saving lighting technologies and products, we also hope that by using our solutions, customers will also become more environmentally aware. The use of HyLite LED products goes a long way in saving energy, but there are many other ways to conserve energy, support the health of the environment, and incorporate sustainable practices into everyday life.

HyLite LED Lighting’s environmental mission is a dedication to the preservation of our planet, for the children of the future, by offering primarily eco-friendly, energy-saving lighting solutions at an affordable price.  Acknowledging that children are the foundation of our future, we are charged with a social responsibility to preserve the planet they will inherit.

We hope for you to join us in our endeavor in creating and providing a cleaner, greener world for generations yet to come.