Energy-Efficient LED Outdoor Security Lights

Joe/ April 15, 2019/ Lighting Products

Security is critical to any business no matter what industry it may be in. When the sun goes down, proper lighting should be a part of your security plan. If you are using HID lamps for your security lighting, you are using up to 75 percent more energy than you need to. If you are not using security lighting at all, you are putting the safety of your facility at risk. LED outdoor security lights from HyLite LED Lighting offer an affordable and energy-efficient option to help you with all these issues. Here is a closer look at LED outdoor security lights, their benefits and their common uses.

Common Uses of LED Outdoor Security Lights
One of the fastest ways to deter criminals and those bent on mischief is with proper lighting. People who are going to break in to a facility or deface it are looking to do so under the cover of darkness, and bright, well-lit spaces are going to deter them.

LED outdoor security lights can be used anywhere that lighting after dark is necessary to improve security. Businesses with parking lots use these lights to add lighting to their parking areas, helping employees and customers alike safely get back to their cars after doing business at the space. Warehouses and other industrial spaces can use outdoor security lighting to add lighting around the building and in outdoor yards. These lights are often found in roadways, along sidewalks, lighting parks and outdoor sports courts, at schools or universities, and even in municipal applications.

Benefits of LED for Outdoor Security Lighting
The need for outdoor security lighting is clear, but why should you invest in LED lighting? The first reason is because of the energy savings you will enjoy. When you use LED outdoor security lighting, you will reduce your energy consumption by as much as 75 percent over HID lighting options. In addition, these lights last much longer than their competitors, giving you around 60,000 hours of rated life. Even with dusk-to-dawn use, you will be able to use LED security lighting for many years.

Another benefit of LED lighting is its bright and crisp light. LED lighting is a soft light that creates no glare, and it does not lose its brightness over time. This means less eye strain and improved visibility, both of which help your facility stay secure.

HyLite LED Lighting offers outdoor security lights with features that make them more appealing. A photocell included in each light ensures it turns on at dusk and turns off automatically at dawn. These lights are housed in a rust and corrosion-proof aluminum casing with reflector, so the light output is maximized and the light itself is protected. The prismatic acrylic refractor spreads the light uniformly through a wide beam angle. All of this combines to make these lights effective at creating a bright, safe outdoor environment.

If you need new security lighting for your space, reach out to HyLite LED Lighting to learn more about our LED outdoor security lighting. Enjoy better visibility and reduced risk with the right outdoor lighting at your facility with help from HyLite LED Lighting today.

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