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Enter the world of sustainable brilliance with HyLite LED Lighting, where innovation meets environmental consciousness to shape a brighter future. From our groundbreaking Lotus Lamp to our versatile Sports/Flood Lighting solutions, each product embodies our commitment to redefining illumination while substantially reducing energy costs by an impressive 60-90%.

Lotus Lamp / PAR Retrofit

Sports / Flood Lighting

Omni-Cob - HID Replacement

Arc-Cob - HID Replacement

Post-Top Fixture LED Retrofit

CFL Replacements

LED Tube Light Retrofits

Save Green by Going Green with HyLite LED Lighting

HyLite was created to help lessen the negative impact on the environment to ensure long-term economic sustainability for businesses, communities, and governments around the globe. At HyLite, we are dedicated ​to the preservation of our planet by offering eco-friendly, energy-saving LED lamps, retrofits, and fixtures. ​Join us as we illuminate the path towards a greener tomorrow, one light at a time. Find the right product for you!

LED Retrofit Solutions

PAR Retrofit Solutions

Sports / Flood Lighting

HID Replacement Lamps

T8 & T12 Tube Light Retrofit

Post-Top Fixture Retrofit

CFL Replacements


About HyLite LED

HyLite LED Lighting, a family-owned, certified MBE/DBE/ACDBE, operates out of an 58,000 square foot facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our organization is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products for use in the Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial markets.

HyLite LED Lighting prides itself on bringing innovative and cost-effective Energy Conservation lighting products such as LED lamps, luminaires, and retrofits. As the cost of energy continues to rise, there is an increasing global demand for long-lasting, low maintenance lighting products that perform with optimal energy efficiency. HyLite LED Lighting is established to meet this growing demand. Our products are designed for government, commercial, industrial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting applications. HyLite LED Lighting offers the most advanced energy-efficient products on the market today.

At HyLite LED Lighting, our commitment to renewable energy is more than just “going green.” It is our desire to leave behind a better environment for our children and future generations to come. We would like to provide you with the opportunity to join us in this endeavor.

HyLite is providing all information on the website to the general public only. Please note that all products contained herein are either Trademarked, Copyrighted, and/or have Patents or Patents Pending. Any use of these Designs is Strictly Prohibited. HyLite LED, LLC. Protects its Proprietary Information Vigorously in the Courts of the United States of America.

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  • Guide to Lighting for High Ceilings

    Guide to Lighting for High Ceilings

    Best Lighting Options Lighting high-ceiling spaces, such as warehouses, gymnasiums, and large retail environments, is a complex task. The unique challenges and requirements of these spaces demand specialized solutions. High ceilings often require lights that can provide intense illumination from a greater distance. Choosing fixtures with high lumen output and focused beam angles is crucial to ensure adequate light reaches…Read More
  • HyLite LED Retrofits: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Lighting Upgrades

    HyLite LED Retrofits: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Lighting Upgrades

      Keep the Fixtures, Upgrade the Lights At HyLite LED Lighting, we know the importance of modernizing lighting systems to meet today’s energy efficiency and performance standards. Retrofitting, in the context of lighting, refers to upgrading existing lighting fixtures or systems with new technology, specifically LED products, without completely replacing the foundational lighting infrastructure. While widespread, traditional lighting systems such…Read More
  • 2024 Sound & Video Contractor Innovative Products Award Winner

    2024 Sound & Video Contractor Innovative Products Award Winner

    100W Triac Dimmable Lotus Lamp Selected by the readers of Sound & Video Contractor, the 100W Lotus Lamp won the Emerging Technology section for the 2024 Innovative Products Awards. The Lotus Lamp is the World's Only 100W Triac Dimmable LED Lamp. The 100-Watt Lotus Lamp replaces the 1,000 Watt Incandescent and Halogen Lamp. The Proprietary & Patented Diecast Heat-Sink Design provides excellent…Read More