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HyLite was created to help lessen the negative impact on the environment to ensure long-term economic sustainability for businesses, communities, and governments around the globe. At HyLite, we are dedicated ​to the preservation of our planet by offering eco-friendly, energy-saving LED lamps, retrofits, and fixtures. ​Save 60-90% energy the next time you flip the switch.

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  • Top Reasons To Upgrade Your PAR Can To LED

    Top Reasons To Upgrade Your PAR Can To LED

    Why Should I Upgrade My Lighting System? For decades, PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) lamps have been the standard for lighting nearly all types of venues, from stages and churches to auditoriums and convention centers. It’s the way it’s been for ages, so why change? LED lights would be the answer to that question. The arrival of LED (light-emitting diode) technologyRead More
  • Cost-effective LED Lighting Solutions for Outdoor Applications

    Cost-effective LED Lighting Solutions for Outdoor Applications

    Whether you are lighting a street or adding security lighting to your facility, the right lighting solution is necessary to keep costs down and the lights on. LED lighting makes a cost-effective option to shine bright, clear light without driving up your energy bills. HyLite LED’s Intigo Omni-Directional lamps are ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications. If youRead More

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