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HyLite was created to help lessen the negative impact on the environment to ensure long-term economic sustainability for businesses, communities, and governments around the globe. At HyLite, we are dedicated ​to the preservation of our planet by offering eco-friendly, energy-saving LED lamps, retrofits, and fixtures. ​Save 60-90% energy the next time you flip the switch.

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  • LED Lighting Solutions for Boardwalks

    LED Lighting Solutions for Boardwalks

    A boardwalk is designed for fun from morning until night. With proper lighting, the business, entertainment and activities of a boardwalk can continue well after dark. People who are using the boardwalk after dark need proper lighting to ensure safe, enjoyable use of the walkway. If you are responsible for a boardwalk, leaving the lights on always can become costly.Read More
  • How You Save Money by Switching to LED Lights

    How You Save Money by Switching to LED Lights

    Saving money is almost always a good thing to do. If you are looking for ways to save around your home or business, LED lights can help you save. While the initial cost of LEDs may seem higher than the lights you are currently using, over time you will save, and save well. Here are some of the ways youRead More

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