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HyLite was created to help lessen the negative impact on the environment to ensure long-term economic sustainability for businesses, communities, and governments around the globe. At HyLite, we are dedicated ​to the preservation of our planet by offering eco-friendly, energy-saving LED lamps, retrofits, and fixtures. ​Save 60-90% energy the next time you flip the switch.

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  • Energy Efficient LED Light Fixtures

    Energy Efficient LED Light Fixtures

    For facilities that need more efficient lighting solutions, HyLite LED Lighting’s retrofit lamps are an excellent, energy-efficient solution. These lamps can plug in to existing lighting structures without any retrofitting needed. If you are in the market for new more efficient lighting, here are some of the most popular options from HyLite LED Lighting.
  • Why LED Lights Are Perfect for Lighting Streets

    Why LED Lights Are Perfect for Lighting Streets

    Street lights can be a drain on the financial resources of a community. They must remain on all night long, and sometimes even during the day when cloud cover is heavy. For communities looking to save resources and energy, while doing a bit to help the environment, LED street lights are a great option. Though they do have higher initial investment, the energy and replacement cost savings add up quickly, making them an economically smart solution.

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