How You Save Money by Switching to LED Lights

Joe/ June 9, 2019/ Energy Saving

Saving money is almost always a good thing to do. If you are looking for ways to save around your home or business, LED lights can help you save. While the initial cost of LEDs may seem higher than the lights you are currently using, over time you will save, and save well. Here are some of the ways you will save by making the switch to LED.

1. Change Bulbs Less Frequently
One of the ways in which you’ll save by switching to LED lighting is in the cost of replacement bulbs. With LED, you will replace bulbs far less frequently. Many of HyLite LED Lighting’s products have a rated lifespan of 60,000 hours. That’s a tremendously long-lasting bulb that will burn for many years, and your costs for replacement and maintenance will go down as a result.

2. Reduced Energy Costs
The most obvious way you will save is through lowered energy use and the resulting expenses. It costs less to light the area with LED lighting, so your energy bills will go down almost instantly. In fact, LED lights use between 13 and 15 percent of the energy used for standard light bulbs, so you an easily see reductions as large as 80 percent in your lighting-related energy costs.

3. Consider State Incentives for Switching
Many states are offering lighting rebates and incentives for switching to LED. While many of these are aimed at commercial properties, not residential, it is worth looking into those incentives available in your state, regardless of the type of property you are upgrading. These rebates may be directly offered through the power company.

4. Federal Incentives to Switch
In some cases, switching to LED lighting will allow individuals to claim federal incentives. There are several federal incentives for commercial lighting systems. Tax credits, rebates and savings from the Department of Energy are also available, and EnergyStar has federal tax credits and partner rebates that may apply to LED lighting upgrades. These tend to favor commercial upgrades but can reduce the cost of the upgrade significantly.

6. LEED Certification
For commercial building owners and managers, certification from the Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design program is not necessarily cost saving, but it does help present the image of being an eco-friendly business. This, in turn, can help drive up sales and improve the overall income for a company. LED lighting products help companies earn critical LEED points towards certification, and that can increase profits for the company.

LED lighting helps companies and homeowners save money every single day. By making the switch, you, too, can enjoy these benefits. Find out more about LED products available from HyLite LED Lighting.

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