HID Replacement Bulbs


Energy-efficient Omni-Directional metal halide and high-pressure sodium replacements for new and existing fixtures. Features 140 lpw, proprietary Heat Sink, and Internal Driver for easy retrofit installation.

A wide range of sizes from 10W to 150W replaces any existing MH and HPS lamp up to 750W. With up to 60,000 hours of rated life, the HyLite LED Omni-Cob lamp can last up to 16 years at an on-time of 10 hrs. per day eliminating the long-term maintenance costs of HID lamps. Learn More

High Bay, Parking Lot, Post-Top, Garage, Bollards, etc.

Lotus Lamps

The HyLite LED Lotus Lamp was designed with versatility in mind to retrofit HID, HPS, and MH Lamps. The 180° Adjustable bracket allows the Lotus to be installed in multiple positions and at different lengths.

The HyLite LED Lotus Lamp is available from 20W to 100W and retrofits up to 400W metal halide & high-pressure sodium lights with up to 80% Energy Savings. It has an ultra-long rated life of up to 60,000 hours, offers years of reliable performance for the lowest total cost of ownership. Learn More

High Ceilings, Stage Lighting, Parking Garages, Site Lighting,
Low & High Bays

Intigo Lamps

Designed for Easy Installation of New Fixtures, Existing Luminaires or as a Standalone Fixture, HyLite LED Intigo Lamps are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They feature excellent optics for Increased Visibility and Low Power Consumption. With Lamp Life of up to 60,000 hours, they significantly reduce Energy Consumption and Re-lamping Costs, consequently decreasing Maintenance and Disposal Costs. Learn More

Jelly Jars, Decorative Post-Tops, Garages, Bollards, Traffic Lights, High Ceilings, Canopy Lights, Parking Garages, Site Lighting, Low & High Bays, Security Lighting, Decorative Fixtures, Acorn Fixtures, etc.


The HyLite High Power LED Arc-Cob Lamp is an excellent energy-efficient replacement for use in a wide variety of new or existing traditional light fixtures. With an efficacy of 140 lpw, the HyLite LED Arc-Cob Lamp easily replaces standard Incandescent, HPS, MH, MV and CFL bulbs for significant energy savings, and reliably lasts up to 16 years at an on-time of 10 hours/day.

Designed for reliability and optimal performance, the HyLite LED Arc-Cob Lamp features 120° of clean, bright light and a 350° rotatable base, providing users with flexibility while increasing visibility and security through even illumination. Learn More

Street Lights, Wall Packs, Security, Site/Area, Flood Lights

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