Why Use LED Lights for Industrial Use

Joe/ February 1, 2023/ Applications

LED Lights: The Smart Investment for Industrial Businesses

The most recent innovation in the lighting sector is LED lighting. By lowering the cost of electricity and overall energy use, LED technology’s energy efficiency and long lifespan can change how businesses light up their facilities.

We are currently at the third-generation stage of LED technology—a generation that outperforms all other lighting sources in terms of longevity, toughness, performance, and energy efficiency. As a result, LEDs are now used in numerous industrial, commercial, and residential buildings for various purposes, not the least of which are reducing energy usage and costs.

HyLite LED Lighting offers a complete line of LED lighting solutions for industrial applications, such as HyLite’s Lotus Lamps and NexGen’s line of Omni-Cob, Arc-Cob, and Intigo Lamps. Our latest HyLite and NexGen LED lamps are designed for simple installation into new and existing fixtures. They are also both suitable and safe for damp locations and fully enclosed fixtures, making them ideal for many applications.

Here are some main reasons why industrial, commercial, entertainment, and municipal sectors are adopting the kind of LED lighting solutions you’d find at HyLite LED Lighting.

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Long Lifespan

Incandescent bulbs typically last 1,000 hours, whereas the average LED lights last 50,000 hours and possibly 100,000 hours, depending on use. HyLite LED lights endure six to 12 years—40 times longer than an incandescent bulb. They also outlast fluorescent, metal halide, and sodium vapor lights by two to four times. This means that costs associated with replacement and maintenance are significantly reduced.

Energy Efficient

LED lighting’s energy efficiency is another benefit. LED lighting can boost energy efficiency by 60% to 70% in your office, parking lot, or other areas. Depending on the lights you’re replacing and the LED lights you’re bringing in; the improvement could be as high as 90%.

Financial savings follow energy efficiency advances. For example, when you replace a traditional light source with an LED light source, your energy usage will drop, making LED lighting a wise business investment.

Design Flexibility

LEDs are relatively small compared to traditional lighting. This means they can be used practically everywhere. Since LEDs were initially designed as circuit board indicator lights, bundling them makes a bulb. Like Christmas lights, LED lights can be sequences and organized in whatever pattern or layout suits your needs.

Consider your facility’s lighting options. HyLite LED lamps can fulfill facilities’ lighting needs, from industrial shop floors and Broadway stages to large warehouses and football stadiums.

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Traditional lighting emits light 360° around the light source. This implies you’ll need accessories to channel or deflect the light to highlight a specified area. If you don’t reflect or redirect light, you’ll waste energy illuminating places that don’t need it, increasing energy expenditures.

HyLite LED lighting is ideal for recessed lighting in industrial kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms because it only illuminates 180°. It’s also perfect for lighting artwork because it won’t degrade and lose power to the light source’s back.

Instant Lighting, Frequent Switching, and Dimming Capabilities

HyLite LEDs turn on instantly when you want them to. While metal halide lamps require a warm-up period, and fluorescent lights flicker and take two to three seconds to light up fully, HyLite LED lights avoid these issues. This LED feature is perfect for businesses that need their lights to come on fast, especially after a blackout or power spike.

HyLite LED lights work effectively from 5% to 100% power. However, dimming metal halide lighting reduces efficiency, whereas LED lights can work better and last longer using less energy.

Note that dimming controls may require some additional hardware. Fortunately, this hardware is simple to install and can often allow for remote control.

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Can Operate In Cold Conditions

Traditional lighting sources, particularly fluorescent lights, require a higher voltage to start and lose some brightness when the temperature drops.

By contrast, HyLite LED lights perform around 5% better in colder temperatures. Therefore, for illumination needs in freezers, meat lockers, cold storage areas, or refrigerated display cases, LED lights are a superior option. They are also ideal for outdoor lights used in parking lots, to illuminate building perimeters, and for outdoor signs because of their efficiency in cold weather and ability to withstand wind and rain.

No Heat or UV Emissions

You know how hot incandescent light bulbs get if you’ve tried to change one shortly after it goes out. This is because incandescent bulbs utilize 90% of their energy to heat and only 10% to light.

LEDs emit visible light and little heat and are perfect for lighting UV-sensitive artwork, food preparation areas, or other specific industry areas.

Good For the Environment

More and more companies are going green these days. An environmentally friendly light source can save energy and attract socially aware customers.

LED lighting is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t contain hazardous materials in fluorescent and mercury vapor lights. LED lights are also easier to dispose of when the time comes, with less concern for a negative environmental impact.

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Meeting OSHA Requirements

OSHA’s safety requirements are not something to be ignored. HyLite LED lamps can help meet numerous requirements all at once. For example, our lamps do not flicker, contribute to glare, or cast insufficient lighting resulting in improper contrast at workstations. HyLite LED lights also provide even distribution, so workers’ eyes don’t have to constantly readjust while walking, driving, and working around your facility.

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