Exterior Lighting Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Joe/ August 19, 2019/ Applications

Commercial buildings need to be well lit both indoors and out. Exterior lighting is an important security and safety feature. When a building is properly lit outside, the risk of theft and vandalism drops significantly. Yet exterior lighting must always be on in order to be effective, and this can drive up energy costs.

LED lighting solutions from HyLite LED Lighting takes care of this need. With the right exterior LED lighting, you can enjoy up to 85 percent energy savings over traditional lighting options. In addition, these lights last three to five times longer than traditional commercial lighting, so you can be confident that they will always be on, providing important protection for your facility. Here are some of the lighting options from HyLite LED Lighting that work well for commercial buildings.

LED Wall Pack Lighting
Wall packs are outdoor lights that are attached to the side of the building. They shine down from their place to the ground, ensuring the entire perimeter of the building is well lit. Traditionally, wall pack lighting was sodium vapor lighting, which created a yellow haze around the building. Today, many building managers are switching to LED wall packs, and HyLite LED Lighting makes it easier than ever to do so.

HyLite LED Lighting offers products that can simply retrofit to fit into existing light structures. This means all you have to do to upgrade to LED is take out the traditional HID lights and install the LED lights in the same space. You will not need ballasts, starters, or other additional components, and can start enjoying the clearer lighting and increased energy efficiency of LED right away.

HyLite LED Arc-Cob Lighting
No matter what type of lighting a building’s exterior has, whether it is a wall pack or something else, the lights always need to be on to ensure the safety of the property. One solution for exterior commercial lighting in wall packs and other fixtures is the HyLite LED Arc-Cob light. These lights can replace incandescent, HPS, MH, HID, and CFL lighting to reduce energy use by as much as 87 percent, depending on the type of light.

Arc-Cob LED lights have a 120-degree beam angle, which means they work well in standalone fixtures as well as wall pack applications. They last up to 60,000 hours, which is significantly longer than traditional lighting options. Make the building look its best and ensure the safety and efficiency of your lighting by upgrading to HyLite LED Arc-Cob lighting.

Commercial buildings require exterior lighting, but that lighting doesn’t have to drive up your energy bills too much. With HyLite LED Lighting, you can enjoy bright, efficient lighting, and at a lower cost than you anticipated. Find the right lighting solutions for your commercial property today and start enjoying the energy savings LED lighting will provide.