Best Types of Light Bulbs for Warehouses

Lighting Specialist/ May 23, 2018/ Applications


Choosing the right lighting for your warehouse means finding a balance between function and budget. You must consider factors like complying with codes, lowering energy use and ensuring your facility is properly lit to enhance the work environment. You need to find lighting that balances longevity with low purchase cost and low energy use.

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The sheer cost of lighting a warehouse is significant, in the energy use, in the cost of the fixtures & bulbs, as well as in maintenance and labor. You also need the confidence that your lighting choices will burn brightly for many hours of use. Traditional HID and fluorescent lighting options burn out quickly and drain your energy dollars. LED lighting offers a superior option, with longer life and lower energy use without sacrificing the illumination you need.

Enjoy Savings and Flexibility with LED Lighting for Warehouses
HyLite LED Lighting offers LED lighting options that provide superior performance and longevity. These high-performance optics are environmentally friendly, reducing your energy use by 50% to 90% over HID and fluorescent options. In addition, our products have 50,000 to 60,000 hours of rated lamp life, ensuring you are spending less time changing bulbs or tubes and less money on lighting replacements.

Warehouse lighting needs are quite varied, and HyLite LED Lighting has the right products to meet all of those needs. From task lighting for areas of the warehouse, where detailed work takes place, to overhead lighting to provide excellent illumination with cost savings, our products will help your facility stay well-lit at a fraction of the cost. We also carry the overhead lighting fixtures, security lighting and accessories you need for your entire lighting system.

Warehouse Lighting Backed by Solid Customer Service
LED lighting is the most energy efficient option for lighting your warehouse facility, and HyLite LED Lighting makes it easy to find the products you need to replace your existing, less efficient lighting. We have created the industry’s top LED lighting products, and back our superior products with solid customer service. With our help, you can find the lighting options you need to help improve the energy efficiency of your facility. Our team will help you select the right products for your need and your budget, helping you lower your energy and replacement costs while properly lighting your warehouse.

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