Energy-Saving Dimmable LED Lights

Joe/ October 23, 2019/ Lighting Products

Lighting level needs are not always consistent. Sometimes you need more lighting than other times, and the ability to reduce or increase lighting levels helps you accommodate this need. Dimmable LED lights from HyLite LED Lighting fit this need well. These efficient lights give you the ability to control the lighting level, all while offering the benefits of LED for your facility.

Dimmable lights have use in a range of industries. From offices to arenas, if you need the ability to control lighting, dimmable LED light bulbs are the solution you want.

Dimmable Lighting in Your Office
In the office, dimmable LED bulbs make big a difference in your company’s overall efficiency. Dimmable lighting allows you to change the level of light based on your company’s needs. Do you have a large bank of windows that allow in natural light? When the sun is bright, turn the interior lighting down to save money. On cloudy days or after the sun sets, turn up the lighting. By adjusting your lighting based on your need, you can save money and make the most out of the natural light that comes into your space.

Dimmable Lighting for Showrooms
In a showroom, you need bright lighting when customers or guests are present to properly light the items you are showcasing. The right light will make the items, whether they are cars, jewelry, or something else entirely, truly shine. Sometimes this means more light than normally would be needed in the space. Using dimmable LED light bulbs can help you achieve this level of lighting without sacrificing your energy bills.

With dimmable LED lights, you can turn up the brightness when customers are present so your good showcase beautifully, then turn it down when it’s just your staff in the facility. You may even be able to wire your location so that you have brighter and dimmer areas, based on where you place your inventory. Every time you lower the lighting in even a portion of your facility, you are also lowering your energy bills.

Retail and Shopping Malls Benefit from Dimmable Lighting
Another place where different light levels are needed throughout the day is the retail and shopping mall space. Many modern retail spaces have built-in skylights that allow natural light to flood the space. This, in turn, can allow the facility to lower the lighting levels during the day, and dimmable LED lights make this easy to do. In addition, shopping malls need less light when they are closed, yet still need some lighting for security purposes and to allow staff to safely do their after-hours work.

Dimmable Lighting for Hospitality Industries
In the hospitality industry, including restaurants, lighting is critical. It sets the mood for the guest experience, and sometimes different lighting levels are required to set different moods. Again, this is a place where dimmable LED lighting can help. If you need lower, more intimate lighting for elegant evening meals, but brighter, less intimate lighting for a casual business lunch crowd, you can create the right mood when you have the power to dim your lighting whenever you wish.

Stage and Theater Lighting Requires Dimmable Features to Give You Control
Another place where dimmable lighting is important is in the stage and theater world. Here, instead of dimmable LED light bulbs, you will turn to dimmable LED flood lights and lamps. When used in a spotlight or as a theater light, these provide a clean, crisp light that is quite efficient, and also give you plenty of control over the level of lighting. Bring the lights up when the curtain rises, then send them back down when the last curtain call happens, with the control of dimmable lighting.

Houses of Worship Need More Lighting Control
Similarly, churches and other houses of worship often need to lower and bring up lighting during their services. Lighting may need to lower when overhead projection is employed, then brighten when choirs or musical groups get ready to sing. Again, the control offered through dimmable LED lamps and spotlights provides this level of control, so you can have the proper level of lighting to give your congregation a positive experience.

Dimmable Lighting for Arenas and Convention Centers
Many entertainment events of the modern era are taking place not in theaters, but in arenas. Here, lighting needs are similar, yet on a larger scale. Lights need to come up and come down in order to highlight the performers well, and dimmable LED flood lights provide that control. Also, the dimmable Lotus Lamps from HyLite LED Lighting are completely protected from dust infiltration, which makes them even better suited for use in arenas.

Similarly, convention centers may have differing lighting requirements depending on the type of convention they are hosting. With dimmable lighting, this control is placed in the hands of the event center’s ownership and maintenance crew, so the right lighting level is always available.

Benefits of HyLite LED Lighting Dimmable LED Bulbs
HyLite LED Lighting has a number of dimmable LED lights that replace halogen, incandescent, and CFL bulbs, including flood lamps that install into can lights. These products include the HyLite Lotus Lamp PAR Retrofits and the dimmable HyLite LED BR30 Lamp.

Dimmable LED lights from HyLite LED Lighting last significant longer than the lights they replace. With the HyLite LED BR30 Lamps, you will get 25x the lifespan compared to incandescent lamps. They have a rated lifespan of 25,000 hours, even with the dimming feature, and come with a five-year limited warranty. For flood lights, the PAR Lotus Lamps are rated for 60,000 hours of life, giving you many years of use.

Energy savings are another key benefit of upgrading to these lights. In addition to the savings you will enjoy due to the dimming feature, dimmable LED lights from HyLite LED are as much as 90 percent more efficient than their counterparts. Lower energy bills, greater control, and improved lifespan all add up to savings for your facility. These lamps and light bulbs are retrofit to fit into your existing light fixtures and may be eligible for utility rebates. If you are looking for dimmable lighting that is efficient and long lasting, reach out to HyLite LED Lighting to learn more about our dimmable LED bulbs.