Making the Switch to LED Lights: A Guide to Sustainable Lighting

Joe/ February 7, 2023/ Energy Saving

Less Maintenance, More Longevity

In a society concerned about energy use for both environmental and economic factors, finding sustainable options for necessities like lighting remains important. LED lighting is a sustainable option that is healthier for the environment.

Here are some reasons why this is a truly sustainable lighting solution.

1. Low Maintenance Lighting

LED lighting lasts longer and is less prone to damage than other lighting options. In addition, these are self-contained lighting units that require no ballast. All of this means that LED lighting requires minimal maintenance. All you need to do is install the lighting and replace it when it burns out, and this limits the amount of energy used in maintaining your lighting and the amount of waste the lighting creates.

2. Greater Longevity

While each LED lighting choice has its protected lifespan, in general, these lights last much longer than their counterparts. HyLite LED Lighting has options with life spans of up to 100,000 hours, depending on the light. The longer your light lasts, the less waste you create, and the more environmentally friendly it is.

3. Less Energy Consumption

One of the biggest factors in making LED lighting sustainable is that these lights take about 80% less energy than traditional lighting. They also take less energy than fluorescent lighting. While the total energy savings will vary based on the lighting product, you can expect to save between 50% and 85% on your energy costs when you switch to LED.

LED lights reduce energy consumption in several ways. First, they need a ballast. Ballasts require several watts of power to light, which adds to the energy consumption of fluorescent tubes. Second, HyLite LED lights are designed to deliver the most lumens per watt available. This means you can create significantly more light with less energy. For example, the OptiMax LED tube lights create 1080 lumens in the 8-watt tube, equal to a 17-watt fluorescent tube. Increase the LED wattage to 18 watts, and you get the same amount of light as a 32-watt Fluorescent tube, which is an energy saving of 60%.

Finally, LED lighting offers instant-on lighting. There is no need to let the lights “warm up” until they are at the level you need for using the space. The warming-up process also wastes energy, but with LED, you get the full lighting effect the instant you turn on the light.

4. Beam Design to Limit Light Loss

The light emanates 360 degrees around the tube in a tube-style fluorescent light. Even with reflective light fixtures, some of that light energy is lost. You can lose up to 40% of the morning. Many of HyLite LED Lighting’s light solutions have an angled beam design that focuses all of the light where it needs to go. This directional lighting limits lost light, which means more energy is going directly to the function of lighting the space.

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6. Recyclable Lighting Options

Because LED lights are non-toxic, they are recyclable. Many of the parts and components inside can either be re-used as lighting or recycled to be used in another way. This design adds to the sustainability of the lighting by eliminating some of the waste from lights at the end of their lifespans.

How Does LED Lighting Help the Environment?

Because LED lighting uses less energy than traditional lighting options, it protects the environment. It also has improved luminaire efficiency, which often means you need fewer lights to produce the same lighting effect. In addition, LEDs last up to 20 times longer than standard lighting, which means less waste. Finally, with the right LED lighting, such as the lighting options at HyLite, you can recycle the unit itself, which makes it even more environmentally friendly.

Do LED Lights Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Yes. Lowering energy bills, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste all help lower the carbon footprint for businesses that switch to LED bulbs. In addition, these lights are non-toxic, which is a benefit over fluorescent lights, which further adds to the benefits of making the switch.

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What Is the Best Sustainable LED Light to Buy?

The best LED light is the one that delivers the most lumens per watt, has a long projected lifespan, and meets your specific lighting application.

HyLite LED Lighting has many sustainable lighting solutions that will reduce your energy consumption while completing your specific lighting application, from sports lighting to floodlighting and even decorative lighting options. In addition, these long-lasting lights reduce energy use by up to 80% and lessen the amount of waste you create, giving you a sustainable lighting option. Show now!

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