Illuminate Your Municipal Areas with HyLite LED

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Revolutionize Your Community Lighting with HyLite LED Lights

There has never been a better time to improve efficiency, light performance, and safety in your community with high-quality, cost-effective HyLite LED lighting. Towns, cities, counties, municipal buildings, and parks all benefit from improved performance and sustainable solutions for their lighting needs.

The most effective, adaptable, and powerful LED post-top and retrofit luminaires are now available from HyLite. With a choice of standard beam widths and improved glare-free illumination, HyLite luminaires offer clear illumination without causing eye strain.

HyLite post-top luminaires offer efficiency, glare control, light uniformity, rapid on/off controls, and dimming controls. Additionally, they are highly versatile, flicker-free, and energy-efficient. Compared to more traditional lighting, HyLite’s optics provide superior light distribution and beam spreads to meet various needs—all while costing communities up to 65% less energy.

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Benefits of HyLite LED for Municipalities

Whether for a public park, walkway, street, parking area, or other outdoor areas, energy and maintenance costs will decrease with HyLite LED Post-Top Intigo and Omni-Cob retrofit lighting solutions. These lights have a rated life of up to 60,000 hours and use up to 80% less energy than conventional outdoor lighting. These lights may be plugged into most current fixtures and provide dependable, maintenance-free lighting for years. Additionally, they are brighter and do not dim over time, making your town or city’s outdoor areas much safer.

Even if current outdoor lights use metal halide, HID, or HPS lights, updating to high-performance, durable LED luminaires is not a problem. HyLite LED retrofit luminaires are designed to work with existing fixtures without requiring substantial modification.

For many communities, lighting maintenance expenses can be a frequent problem. Top-post fixtures can be a hassle to change or repair when things go wrong with traditional lighting. Over the course of three years, the labor and material costs for a single exterior HID fixture can easily cost more than $2,000.

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HyLite LED Post-Top Intigo and LED Omni-Cab lights require replacement or maintenance less frequently because they have a substantially longer lifespan and can resist exposure to the harshest environments. As a result, communities benefit from decreased worker injury risk and maintenance and replacement costs.

HyLite LED retrofit lights’ benefits outweigh almost all the drawbacks of employing more traditional HID lights. Because they use less energy, they are cheaper to run. They can survive in the most demanding weather and enjoy a significantly longer lifespan. Twice as long as HID lights, HyLite LED luminaires have an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours, resulting in, among other things, less maintenance and replacement costs.

HyLite LED lights offer steady, even, transparent lighting with a color temperature range of 2,700K to 7,000K. And as evening approaches, HyLite LED top-mast luminaries can be instantaneously turned on and off without any warm-up time.

Can HyLite LED Lights Be Used as Street Lights?

Absolutely. And they can significantly reduce light pollution while generating bright, continuous light. This is possible because the fixtures and lamps, combined, focus light toward the road where it belongs. Another significant advantage of LED street lights is their continuous light pattern, which lessens glare for drivers.

For both streets and parking lots, HyLite LED lights offer “directional” light, which is light emitted in one direction rather than a diffused glow. This improves visibility and brightness without adding glare and keeps light pollution under control so residents and wildlife need not be affected. Additionally, unlike other kinds of outside lighting, LEDs are simple to dim, giving municipalities more freedom to adjust light levels or add extra energy-saving controls to fixtures.

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It’s Also About Safety

Safety is key, whether it’s illuminating a parking lot, a street, an on or off ramp, a community park, or a municipal building. With HyLite LED lights, residents don’t have to worry about poor viability on roads, potential dangers lurking in shadows, or tripping over unseen obstacles on the street. This makes for happier residents and fewer liability issues. It also demonstrates to your community that you take safety and efficiency seriously.

To Learn More About HyLite LED Luminaires

If your municipality still uses old-fashioned, expensive, and hard-to-maintain lighting, it may be time for an upgrade. Contact the lighting experts at HyLite for more information on a wide range of lighting options and solutions.

To learn more about how HyLite LED lights can provide safety, efficiency, and cost maintenance for your community, reach out to our team!

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