Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures

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Efficient, Durable LED Lighting

Parking lots require strong, clear lighting to protect patrons and ensure safety and security.  Whether you are lighting a retail parking lot, are lighting employee parking, or setting up a parking garage, you need bright and efficient lighting to ensure the area is lit and your budget stays reasonable.

Commercial parking lot lighting fixtures and lamps from HyLite LED Lighting are the perfect solution to your commercial parking lot lighting needs. Here’s a closer look at the lighting solutions that HyLite LED Lighting offers that work well for commercial parking lots.

Post-Top Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Post-top lighting solutions, including HyLite LED Post-Top Intigo lamps, are designed for top-mounted light fixtures commonly used in decorative lighting along sidewalks and roadways. These are also sometimes found in parking areas. The design of HyLite’s Intigo lamps distributes light evenly in a downward spread, eliminating wasted lumens while reducing energy use. These retrofit solutions replace non-LED lighting without a new lighting fixture.

HyLite LED Lighting also offers the Intigo Omni-Directional option. With a rounded bulb instead of the omni-cob design, this light delivers 145 lumens per watt and is a retrofit design to replace high-pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs in parking garages and parking lots.

Omni-Directional Lighting for Parking Garages

Another option for top-mounted lighting systems in commercial parking lots is the HyLite LED Omni-Cob lamp. Another retrofit lamp that spreads light evenly and efficiently, these lamps are rated for up to 60,000 hours and come in powers of up to 1,000 watts. They spread light in multiple directions to light a large portion of the parking area evenly.

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Retrofit, Downward Lighting

For parking areas that have incandescent or halogen bulbs that screw into a recessed housing, downward-focused lighting is critical. In these applications, the LED BR30 Lamp is a great solution. With over 80 percent more efficiency and much longer lamp life, the LED BR30 Lamp improves visual acuity while reducing energy use, enhancing the overall look and function of the parking lot area. This will lower operating costs while improving safety and security at the same time through improved visibility.

HyLite LED also offers the Intigo Downlight. This light has a 150-degree beam angle for uniform lighting in a downward motion. Because it has a wide beam spread, it can be used in tall lights in parking lots and in high ceilings of parking garages.

No matter which of these solutions you choose, you will enjoy greater efficiency and improved lifespans when you switch to commercial parking lot lighting fixtures from HyLite LED Lighting.

Browse our available options today, or talk to us about your needs, and let us point you toward the right lighting fixture.

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