What to Look for in a PAR Spotlight

Joe/ December 20, 2019/ Fixtures

PAR spotlights are not a new type of lighting. For almost a century, this has been the lighting choice for auditoriums, houses of worship, studios, convention centers, and any other facility that has a stage or platform. PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, and this is a can-style lighting solution that sends light in one fairly direct beam.

The traditional PAR spotlight was a halogen or incandescent light. It is a sealed beam and directs light to a single spot on stage, lighting up the speaker or the action on stage. Though it is effective at what it does, incandescent or halogen PAR lighting is an inefficient option, costing quite a bit to operate. Today, LED technology allows facilities to switch from these less efficient options to a more practical choice, without sacrificing the effectiveness of the lighting technology.

As you shop for a new spotlight for your business or other facility, you need to find one that combines energy efficiency with excellent optics. The PAR spotlight from HyLite LED does both. With efficient LED lighting technology, a plug-n-play design that requires no retrofitting of the light fixture, and a wide range of powers, the LED PAR spotlight is an economical solution to your lighting needs. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to look for when shopping for this lighting solution.

Retrofit Solutions to Replace Existing PAR Spotlights

The first thing to look for in a PAR spotlight replacement is a retrofit design. Retrofit lights allow you to replace your existing light with a more efficient option without replacing the entire light fixture. Remove the existing light and plug in the new one to start enjoying more efficient lighting.

HyLite offers retrofit solutions that allow facilities to make the switch from incandescent or halogen to LED PAR spotlights. These lights are retrofit to fit your existing lightning, using the same chassis as the other types of lighting, so all you have to do is plug them in and start using them. This is the first time an LED solution for high power PAR can-lights has hit the market that did not require replacing the entire fixture, and it opens the door to a large number of efficient solutions for facilities at a much lower cost.

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Varied Powers to Fit Specific Needs

Next, look for a solution that comes n a variety of powers. This allows you to replace your existing lighting with one that offers a higher level of lumens, so the function of your spotlights improves when switching to the Lotus Lamp.

HyLite LED has six different lotus lamps that replace PAR spotlight cans. These include 20W, 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W, and 100W. These replace 200W PAR spotlights up to 1,000W PAR spotlights. They provide 140 delivered Lumens per Watt, so you do not sacrifice brightness to save energy.

Improved Efficiency to Lower Energy Costs

As you shop for PAR spotlights, make sure your new lighting will improve the efficiency of your faculty. Making the switch from incandescent or halogen to LED will make a drastic change in your energy costs. HyLite’s LED lotus lamps provide savings of up to 21,480 kWh, depending on the power of the light being replaced. This is a savings of between 84 and 90 percent on your energy costs. That is a tremendous return on investment!

This is just one way LED lighting makes your facility more efficient. Traditional can lightning options for spotlights create a signification amount of heat. LED lamps generate much less, so your facility does not have to compensate for the heat gain of your lighting through your HVAC system.

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Improved Optics for Improved User Experience

Your spotlight needs to clearly light the stage and protect the experience for your audience. With LED PAR Retrofit Solutions from HyLite LED, you enjoy a high color rendering index of greater than 80. This means colors show true-to-life, and broadcasts, even in high definition, are vibrant and sharp. Whether you’re live-streaming a church service on Facebook or televising a concert across a major television network, you will have adequate illumination to ensure both the live audience and the remote audience can see well. See colors how they are meant to be seen.

Today’s manufacturers are phasing out halogen and incandescent PAR spotlight options. If you are not ready to completely upgrade your lighting fixtures, you need to find a solution that fits. HyLite LED PAR lamps provide that solution. With excellent optics, excellent energy efficiency, different powers, and a retrofit design, HyLite LED retrofit PAR lamps give you a solution to continue lighting your facility well while lowering your energy bills and protecting the audience’s viewing experience at the same time.

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