Why PAR Lamps Are Ideal Stage Lights

Joe/ March 26, 2020/ Lighting Products

If you’re in the stage and theatre world, you likely utilize the iconic Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) lamps. The can-style lighting system is an excellent option that provides crisp, clean, efficient light. They’re especially useful for the stage and theater because PAR lighting can send light in one relatively direct beam. If you’re looking for a new spotlight for a theatre or other business, HyLite provides economical retrofit solutions that utilize LED technology for superior lighting.

What are PAR lamps?

PAR lamps are the most common lighting system used by stages and theaters. The simplistic, closed off cylindrical tube utilizes a reflector to concentrate shining light. The construct is made of aluminum and steel, and the cylinder, alongside the reflector, gives the light an oval shape. Traditionally, halogen or incandescent PAR lighting was commonplace, but technological innovation has made LED lighting more viable and efficient. LED bulbs are most commonly used due to their cost-efficiency and superior light quality.

The Best Option for Theatre and Stage Performances

To create an impactful scene or performance for your audience, you need a combination of factors. Creativity and adequate lighting are two of the more important requirements. A clearly defined circle can help draw the audience’s eyes, create an effect, or provide a distraction. In addition, PAR lamps can be used to uplight walls and backdrops.

Creating a stellar experience starts with lighting. An LED PAR lamp from HyLite brightly lights the stage and provides visual clarity for the audience. These lights provide a high color rendering index of greater than 80. This means the light is as close to natural sunlight as possible. Colors will show true-to-life when broadcast on TV or seen in person. Whether you’re sharing your band’s performance on YouTube, streaming to a live audience, or jamming in person, your audience won’t miss a beat.

Retrofit for Quick and Easy Installation

If you’re looking to replace existing PAR spotlights, you need a retrofit option to save you both time and money. Rather than replacing the entire lighting fixture, a plug and play option allows you to remove the existing light and plug in its replacement without any downtime or expensive installation costs. Switching from halogen or incandescent to LED PAR spotlights is an excellent choice for more efficient lighting at a much lower cost. HyLite offers a variety of high-powered LED PAR can-lights at a lower cost, allowing more facilities to enhance their lighting immediately.

Dimmable Lighting Creates the Perfect Scene

Whether you’re looking to switch from one scene to another, bring the lights up or down slowly as the curtain rises or the last curtain call occurs, provide suspense as the band opens up, or create a special effect, dimmable lighting gives you full control. You can also manage the level of lighting you want in any particular scene.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, efficient, broadcast-friendly lighting system, HyLite LED PAR lamps provide optimal visual comfort, a stellar experience, and ease of installation through retrofitting. Enhance the stage experience and invest in a more cost-effective system today.

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