Everything You Need to Know About PAR Lamps

Joe/ November 15, 2019/ Energy Saving

Are you in the market for a PAR lamp? With its highly directional beam, a PAR lamp works well in a number of applications, from landing lights at airports to theatrical lighting at your favorite entertainment venue. Anywhere an affordable but efficient can light is needed; PAR lamps are often found lighting the way. These lights have many exceptional benefits, and with the advent of LED lighting, they are now more efficient than ever.

What Is a PAR Lamp?
PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector, and PAR Lamps are directional lighting that fits within a can light or spotlight. PAR Lamps originally was used for road vehicles for headlights. PAR Lamps often us Incandescent and Halogen Sealed Beam that tend to generate a lot of heat causing the lighted area to become quite hot. Traditional Halogen Sealed Beam PAR Lamps is old technology that can be hard to find traditional replacement lamps.

What Is a PAR Can?
PAR lamps sit within a PAR can. The can is the housing that holds the lamp in place. It may be in the ceiling in the case of recessed lighting, in a vehicle in the case of locomotive headlamps, or in a stand-alone housing in the case of airport runway lighting or spotlights in a theater. Often, colored lenses or gels are placed at the front of the can to color the light.

Benefits of PAR Lamps
PAR lamps are fairly simple light fixtures, so why are they so popular in these particular applications? Often, it is the simplicity of the design of these lamps that draws people to them. They are a low-cost, light weight lamp, and are easily switched when a different power or beam angle is needed for a new application.

PAR lamps are fairly lightweight, which means they are easy for traveling performance groups to take on the road with their shows. In comparison to other lights for cans that do similar things, PAR lamps are quite affordable. This affordability and light weight design mean PAR lamps can be found in churches, theaters, clubs, and touring performance groups. They can also be found in studios, galleries, auditoriums, and convention centers. Even arenas often opt for PAR lamps to help lower costs without sacrificing the quality of their lighting.

Why Choose LED PAR Lamps
If you can benefit from PAR lamps for your facility, consider making the switch to LED. HyLite LED offers several different powers of LED PAR Lotus Lamps, with multiple beam angles. These are retrofit designs that can plug in to your existing cans, allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of LED without any need to change your actual fixtures. If you switch from 200W PAR46 sealed beam PAR lamps to 20W Lotus lamps from HyLite LED, you will receive the same light power at a 90 percent energy savings. In addition, you will enjoy improved optics through the clarity and brightness of LED lighting. These lamps have a 60,000-hour rated lifespan and are approved for use in fully enclosed fixtures.

For PAR lamps that will deliver reliable lighting for years at a lower energy use point, shop with HyLite LED Lighting today.

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