Next Generation Plug-in-lamps

HyLite Introduces Next Generation Type-B Plug-in LED Lamps 

August 8th, 2017
Fort Mill, SC



HyLite LED Lighting is excited to announce the next generation of Type-B LED Plug-in Lamps is now Available. HyLite’s range of direct-wire LED PL lamps to cover the widest range of Gx23/Gx24/G24 CFL lamps to LED by simply bypassing the ballast.  Removing the ballast eliminates a potential point of maintenance and results in greater energy savings. 

The new generation of PL lamps features a higher efficacy (up to 120 LPW) which allows less models to replace CFLs from 13W to 42W.  The higher efficacy also results in greater energy savings.  The new generation PL Lamps are up to 13% more efficient than the previous generation resulting into up to 72% energy savings compared to CFLs.  “HyLite LED was built on the principals of resource reduction and sustainability. This new generation of HyLite LED Plug-in Lamps represents another example of how HyLite LED plans to continuously raise the bar to save more energy” – Shahil Amin, Director.

HyLite LED Type-B plug-in lamps are available in Omni-Directional, Horizontal, & Vertical orientations for the proper light distribution in any application.  The HyLite PL Lamps proprietary-designed heat sink provides up to 60,000 hours of rated life with minimal lumen depreciation. Available in 3500K to 5000K. UL Listed. 5-Year Warranty

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