Top Reasons To Upgrade Your PAR Can To LED

Joe/ November 23, 2020/ Fixtures

Why Should I Upgrade My Lighting System?

For decades, PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) lamps have been the standard for lighting nearly all types of venues, from stages and churches to auditoriums and convention centers. It’s the way it’s been for ages, so why change?

LED lights would be the answer to that question.

The arrival of LED (light-emitting diode) technology has provided not only an ideal replacement for traditional PAR can light, but the technology offers a range of improvements that make LED lighting far superior. The only real issue for many has been the cost and work involved in converting from PAR to LED.

Fortunately, the HyLite LED Lighting Retrofit Solution takes care of that, allowing any venue to convert to efficient, safe, and practical LED lighting without putting a strain on their budget.

HyLite LED Retrofit Solution allows for simple installation of PAR lamp lights that do not require replacing existing cans or fixtures. Until now, there hasn’t been a practical or reliable LED retrofit solution for high-power can lights. With HyLite’s LED Lotus PAR Retrofit Solution, retrofitting traditional Incandescent or halogen lights to LED, you have the best opportunity to continue using the existing housing without adding on the high cost of replacing the entire fixture. Also, the Lotus lamp provides full-spectrum color lighting, thus making traditional PAR gels obsolete.

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More About the Benefits of Upgrading to LED

There are several great reasons to upgrade your stage or large-venue lighting setup.

LED Stage Lighting Does Not Use a Lamp

Instead of a traditional lamp, they use an LED driver, which means there is no need to purchase lights, rent lifts, or construct scaffolding to change the lamps. Nor do you need to worry about rearranging venue seating to access the lamp fixtures. Replacing lights, and the time and expense that goes with that, become a thing of the past.

LED Stage Lighting Produces Less Heat

Traditional tungsten fixtures generate a significant amount of heat. This can make venues during the summer uncomfortable or put additional strain on your air conditioning system. Extra heat means uncomfortable stage presence and a greater risk of accidentally burning an individual working the units. Less heat also means a reduced likelihood of fire hazard.

Ease of Installation

When mounting the Lotus LED into the PAR can, the most common method is installing from the rear side. After opening the PAR back door, the Lotus LED Lamp slides right into the can to be locked down by the clips inside. Some PAR cans have a screw mount that further secures the lamp in place.


Better Long-Term Investment

While LED fixtures can be more expensive than many traditional fixtures, you receive additional functionality. One such benefit lies in that colored LED stage fixtures have color mixing capabilities, providing thousands of color options. Traditional PAR fixtures use gels to color light. With LED lamps, you get an expanded set of color options and don’t have to pay for gel filters to change the light’s color.

LED lamps won’t need replacing and, as already mentioned, can be retrofitted easily into existing fixtures. The savings in installation already make them a bargain despite a higher per-unit cost. LED lamps are also less susceptible to environmental damage, vibration, and breakage. They’re simply hardier than tungsten lights.

Energy Cost Savings

While it can be tricky to nail down the exact energy savings when converting from traditional lamps to LED fixtures, most of the data indicate energy savings per fixture usage. Total energy savings depends mostly on how the lighting system as a whole is managed. If the venue operates with comprehensive energy management in mind, it should increase overall energy savings.

The HyLite LED Lighting Retrofit Solution

Suppose you’re considering upgrading your PAR cans to LED. In that case, the HyLite Lotus LED Series can make your PAR lamp retrofit cost-effective and straightforward while also reducing heat, increasing color rendition, and gaining better control of your energy usage.

Look at our lighting solutions outlined on our website to see more about how easy it can be to upgrade to LED.

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