Save Time & Money with a HyLink Lighting Control System

Joe/ November 7, 2019/ Lighting Products

Saving energy with your lighting starts with the most efficient LED lighting options. However, if you want to drive energy savings even further, you will need to control your lighting, ensuring it is only on when it is actually being used. An automated system can do that, with customization to change as needed, and HyLite LED Lighting is pleased to offer it through HyLink, our signature wireless lighting system.

What Is HyLink?
HyLink is a wireless lighting control system that gives you wireless power over your lighting. It allows you to control your operating costs by automating and customizing the behavior of the lights in your facility. From turning them off when the facility is not in use to ensuring only the necessary areas are lit, HyLink gives you the ultimate control.

This innovative lighting control system uses a SNAP Mesh Network to control your lighting. This is an encrypted, self-forming, self-healing network, which means the information you send is kept secure. In addition, the network is protected from hackers that may wish to misuse your lighting.

Control Your Lighting with Ease with HyLink
HyLink was designed to make controlling light behavior as simple as possible. Commissioning is easy and intuitive, as the system allows for both manual entry and CSV upload, as well as an auto-discovery feature that will find unconfigured lights and help you add them to the network.

Once your network is commissioned, you can easily manage it using a browser-based interface. As long as you have access to the Internet, whether it is on a mobile device or on your computer, you can control and reconfigure your lighting system. Add HyLink’s remote access service, and you can handle the process remotely as well, even if you are far from your facility.

Additional Features to Make the Program More Intuitive
HyLink is designed to make your lighting control as automated as possible. It takes the lights at your facility and groups them into zones, so you can access and control specific areas. It can control both interior and exterior lights, depending on the needs of your facility, and can schedule lighting based on sunrise and sunset. It features occupancy sensors that will turn off lights when the room or area of your facility is not in use. You can program schedules based on the needs of your staff and facility and customize the lighting network to adapt to specific situations unique to your company. Once you set up your plan, HyLink goes to work to manage it, so you don’t have to lift a finger until you need to make a change.

Not only that, but HyLink will store data like power use, alarms, and critical events. This helps you see a historic record of your lighting, so you can adjust if needed. This will help you better plan for maintenance or troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Are you interested in learning more about HyLink? If you have been hoping for more control over your light and want a secure, easy-to-use system, reach out to HyLite LED Lighting today for more information about our innovative lighting network control system. Let us show you how HyLink can make the difference in your facility as you seek better control over its use of lighting.