Dimmable LED Lights for Commercial Applications

Joe/ August 9, 2019/ Lighting Products

Sometimes, uniform lighting is not needed in a facility throughout the day. When you have the option to lower the amount of light your light fixtures use, you can customize your lighting while also reducing energy bills. Lowering the light intensity when natural light is covering some of the need during the day, for example, can cut energy bills significantly. At other times, you may wish to change the lighting to match the ambiance and mood you are trying to create. Dimmable LED lights from HyLite LED Lighting are the right solution in both situations.

HyLite Dimmable LED PAR Lamps
HyLite LED Lighting stocks several LED PAR lamps that feature dimmable operation. These lamps come in 8, 12, and 15-Watt models, which are equivalent to 50W to 100W incandescent or halogen bulbs, depending on the power chosen. This adds up to 85 percent energy saving over incandescent bulbs and 64 percent energy savings over CFLs, so the energy savings are substantial.

In addition, these LED lights not only save energy, but also last longer than other lighting options. They have a rated life of 25,000 hours, so they can be used effectively for years. Spend less time replacing bulbs and more time enjoying the benefits of dimmable LED lights with these lamps from HyLite LED lighting.

Beautiful Lighting with the Power to Change Brightness
Not only are these lamps the some of the most efficient options on the market, but they also provide a crisp, clean light that is enjoyable. With LED lighting, colors display true. This helps in many commercial applications where color accuracy is important, including factories and manufacturing plants. These lamps create no glare, so they reduce the risk of visual fatigue. This means you not only have the power to dim the lights when you want, but you also improve the experience for people who are at your facility and using your lighting.

Additional Benefits of HyLite LED Dimmable Lamps
When you make the upgrade from your existing lighting to HyLite LED dimmable lamps, you enjoy the benefit of easy-to-install lights with flexible mounting. Mount these with the base in any direction, and they will deliver lighting reliably for years. LED lights do not require a warming up period but have instant-on capabilities. When you switch the light on, it delivers its full brightness instantly. LED lights operate without generating heat, so you will not need to compensate for an added heat load. This can be particularly valuable when lighting delicate items, such as art gallery or museum displays.

If you are looking for an efficient, dimmable lighting option, HyLite LED Lighting has your need covered. Enjoy the power of dimmable lighting and the benefit of LED with these efficient and reliable lamps at your facility.

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