LED Lights for Strip Malls

Joe/ July 15, 2019/ Applications

A strip mall requires two things to be successful – the right visibility and many customers. LED lighting can help with both. Through LED lighting, you can improve the visibility and safety of your facility, and when people have a positive shopping experience, you will see a greater number of customers coming your way. Here is a closer look at how LED lighting benefits strip malls.

Improve the Safety of the Parking Lot with LED Lighting
Whether your strip mall has a parking lot or a parking garage, you need to properly light the area to build confidence with your customers. People want to feel safe when walking from their favorite store to their car with their purchases in hand, and proper lighting is the foundation for this. Since parking lighting needs to be always available, either all night or 24 hours a day depending on your type of parking area, using LED lighting is a wise choice. LED lighting for parking lots and parking garages is as much as 85 percent more efficient than other lighting options, so you can leave the lights on without driving up your energy bills too much. In addition, these lights have extremely long expected lifespans,

When your parking areas are properly and safely lit, customers are more drawn to your strip mall. It looks safe and inviting, rather than shady and sketchy, with bright lighting in the parking areas. This is the fest step towards getting someone in the door and spending money, so it is worth investing in quality LED lighting for your parking areas.

Efficient Lighting for Store Interiors
Not only does LED lighting make a difference in your parking areas, but it can also improve the shopping experience within the stores themselves. LED lighting’s efficiency is a benefit no matter where it’s used, but in retail, additional benefits of LED stand out.

LED lighting is known for excellent color rendering. This helps in retail settings, where seeing things in true color is important for shoppers. LED lighting also makes jewelry shine, which can entice more purchases. Clear, bright lighting that renders colors appropriately will improve the shopping experience for your customers, and your overall income as a result.

LED lights also offer instant-on capabilities. This means they turn to their full brightness the moment you turn the switch to “on.” You do not have to wait for them to warm up like other lighting options. When you are ready to open the door for the day, your lights are ready to welcome customers.

If you are looking for these benefits for your strip mall, trust HyLite LED Lighting. Our comprehensive list of LED lighting types will help you find exactly what you need, and all are retrofit to work in your existing light structures. Shop now, and upgrade to LED to enjoy these benefits and more.

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