Why Parking Lots Are Switching to LED Lighting {INFOGRAPHIC}

Joe/ August 12, 2019/ Lighting Products

A shift in parking lot lighting is happening. Many managers are switching from HID lamps to LED. Here’s a closer look at why…

Difference in Operation
LED lighting operates differently than HID lamps. With LED lighting, light is created using a semiconductor. In HID lamps, a fuel source is burned to create light. This change in focus helps LED lamps last longer and burn more efficiently.

In addition, LEDs are directional lights. This means they shine light in one direction, with less spill and light loss. This makes them an increasingly desirable choice for parking garage lighting.

Benefits of LEDs
LEDs have three key benefits that make them perfect for parking lots. These are:

  • Energy – LEDs use as much as 60% less energy than HID lights
  • Upkeep – LEDs last years longer than HID, resulting in less maintenance expense.
  • Lighting – LEDs distribute light evenly over the intended surface.

In addition to these three key benefits, LEDs are a safer lighting option. They improve visibility, allowing both pedestrians and patrons in vehicles to see more clearly to avoid accidents. LEDs are also brighter and less likely to burn out and create dark areas, reducing the risk of theft. Overall, LEDs are the logical choice for lighting parking garages.

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