What are the Overall Benefits of Switching to LED Lights?

Joe/ October 15, 2018/ News

If someone told you that one inexpensive change could save you money, benefit the environment, and improve your productivity, would you jump at the opportunity? Without a doubt, switching to LED lights can provide long-term benefits for your business, your employees, and the planet. Here are just a few reasons why making the switch is well worth it.

1) You’ll Save Money
If you’re using anything other than LED lighting, you’re throwing away your hard-earned money with each electric bill. LED lighting provides a huge financial advantage over incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting by being far more energy efficient, and because LEDs last longer, you’ll lower maintenance costs and disposal fees.

2) They Last Longer
LEDs outclass the competition when it comes to durability. The run-of-the-mill incandescent bulb lasts roughly 1,000 hours. A fluorescent bulb gives us a bit more run-time at 8,000 hours, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the LED light which can keep on shining for as long as 60,000 hours.

3) They’re More Durable
Because an LED light lacks a filament or a glass enclosure, they’re more resistant to vibrations or other heavy impacts, unlike other bulbs which often can’t stand minor bumps or drops.

4) They Help the Environment
Because of an LED’s high-efficiency, 5% or less of its energy is wasted. Efficient energy reduces our carbon footprint and an LED’s long-life helps mitigates landfill waste. To top it all off, LEDs are mercury free and contain no hazardous materials.

5) They Provide Higher-Quality Lighting
Going from an incandescent to a high-quality LED light bulb provides an immediately noticeable difference. Enhanced ambient lighting can give you a more polished, professional appearance instantly.

6) They Can Improve Workplace Performance
If you’re noticing a dip in employee performance, poor lighting can often be a culprit. Studies show that poor lighting reduces employee motivation. In addition, insufficient or improper lighting can create glares or reflections, making it harder to concentrate on a task and get comfortable. Poor lighting can also create workplace incidents, due to lack of illumination. With LED Lighting, you don’t have to worry about those factors.

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