Energy Efficient LED Light Fixtures

Joe/ September 20, 2018/ Fixtures

For facilities that need more efficient lighting solutions, HyLite LED Lighting’s retrofit lamps are an excellent, energy-efficient solution. These lamps can plug in to existing lighting structures without any retrofitting needed. If you are in the market for new more efficient lighting, here are some of the most popular options from HyLite LED Lighting.

Wall Pack Solutions
For lighting the exterior of your facility, wall pack lighting makes the most sense. This high output lighting estruses proper brightness for security and safety. HyLite LED Lighting’s LED retrofit wall pack lighting options replace less efficient lighting technology without the need to change any of the lamps. Facility managers can save up to 88 percent on their energy use by making this switch.

Efficient Street Lighting Options
Whether lighting a roadway or a parking lot, street lighting is another critical safety measure that communities and facilities need to have in place. Yet they are costly to operate, particularly because they must remain lit all night long. To help reduce energy use, HyLite LED Lighting has created retrofit LED lamps to replace the HPS and MH lamps commonly used in street lighting. These provide 120-degree directional light and come in powers up to 400W to replace both MH and HPS street lamps.

Canopy Lights
Businesses that have overhead canopies, like gas stations or hotels with drive-up overhangs, need proper lighting to keep these areas safe. Proper lighting can help people feel that a space is safe to visit at night and can make the business look more professional. HyLite LED Lighting’s canopy lights are retrofitted to work in your existing lights, with options like lotus lamps and arc-cob designs to work in both exterior mounted arms and recessed lighting.

High and Low Bay Lighting Fixtures
Gymnasiums, warehouses and industrial facilities often rely on metal halide and HID lamps to light their spaces. These are quite inefficient, and HyLite LED Lighting has LED retrofit solutions that can replace these. Lasting up to five times as long and saving up to 80 percent in energy consumption, these lighting options will keep your facility well-lit at a fraction of the price. HyLite LED Lighting has both LED lotus lamps with a 120-degree beam angle and omni-cob lamps with a 360-degree beam angle to provide the exact type of illumination you need.

No matter which of these lighting options you choose, when you shop with HyLite LED Lighting, you will never have to renovate your lighting structure. These lamps are designed to simply plug in to your existing lighting, replacing the incandescent, CFL, HPS, MH or HID lighting you currently have in minutes. Start saving energy now by making the switch to LED with these retrofit solutions.

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