LED Lighting Solutions for Churches

Joe/ October 28, 2018/ Industries Served

Choosing a lighting option for a church is no simple task. Churches must weigh their budgets against the needs of their congregations, including the need for proper illumination for people of all ages. Thankfully, LED lighting is providing a proven solution that is both effective and budget-friendly. Here are some of the ways that churches can benefit from making the switch to LED lighting.

Reduced Maintenance Effort with LED Lighting
Churches, with their high domed or arched ceilings, provide a true lighting challenge. With the differing layouts found in different churches, reaching the lighting is not always easy, yet a burned-out bulb can make reading hymnals or text difficult for parishioners. Getting out the lift every time a lamp burns out is a hassle and adds to maintenance efforts and cost. LED lighting can last for 10 or more years, depending on the conditions, which means less time and effort spent replacing burned out bulbs.

Improved Efficiency to Lower Energy Bills
Not only will LED lighting reduce maintenance costs for churches, but it will also lower their energy expenditures. In fact, replacing traditional lighting for LED options can lower energy bills by 80 percent or more, which makes LED the obvious choice for budget-conscious congregations.

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Enhance Light Quality with LED Lighting
The warm, yellow glow commonly found in churches may seem inviting at first, but spend much time trying to read the small text and you will quickly see that this lighting is not a good idea as it can cause significant eye strain. LED lighting provides much better illumination and with less money spent on energy costs than traditional lighting options. Brighten up the sanctuary or auditorium and improve the visual comfort of the congregation by making the switch to LED.

Why Choose HyLite LED Lighting
If you are looking to upgrade the lighting for your church facility, and wish to embrace the benefits of LED lighting, choose HyLite LED Lighting. Our extensive selection of LED lighting will ensure you have exactly what you need, and we have solutions for churches of all sizes. Our lighting requires simply retrofitting, so you can start enjoying the energy savings and visibility improvements of LED. Contact HyLite LED Lighting today to learn more about our church lighting options.