Why LED Lights Are Perfect for Lighting Streets

Joe/ August 20, 2018/ Applications

Street lights can be a drain on the financial resources of a community. They must remain on all night long, and sometimes even during the day when cloud cover is heavy. For communities looking to save resources and energy, while doing a bit to help the environment, LED street lights are a great option. Though they do have higher initial investment, the energy and replacement cost savings add up quickly, making them an economically smart solution.


Save Energy and Money with LED Street Lights
So, can LED street lights really help a community save money? The answer is a decided yes. Here’s a look at a case study from a customer who installed HyLite LED Omni-Cob lights to replace High-Pressure Sodium lights in their community.

In the fall of 2015, Georgetown, SC made the choice to switch 600 of its HPS lamps in post-top fixtures to HyLite LED Lighting’s LED Omni-Cob lamps specifically within the popular Historic District. Because these lamps use so little energy, the result will be over 76% in energy savings by 2020. In addition, the 60,000 rated lamp life of the LED bulbs is about three times that of the HPS bulbs, meaning the city will spend less money and time on replacement, further reducing labor costs as well as replacement costs. The monetary savings are adding up quickly for Georgetown as they approach the 5-year mark of having the bulbs installed.

Additional Environmental Benefits of LED Street Lights
While monetary and energy savings are one of the top reasons to make the switch to LED lighting for your street lights, there are additional benefits to the environment that cities should consider when making this choice. Making the upgrade reduces the frequency of lamp replacement, which keeps disposal costs and effects low. It also reduces labor costs. Replacing bulbs less frequently means fewer CO2 emissions in the environment as well, because there is less need to drive to replace bulbs and less of a need to run the factories that create the lamps. Finally, LED lights are bright and offer instant-on capabilities, never needing time to warm up, so you can keep your darkest streets safer any time the lights are on.

Upgrading to LED street lamps makes sense, both for the environment and for municipality budgets. HyLite LED Lighting has several products that work quite well for LED street lights. If you are looking to make this switch, consider HyLite LED Arc-Cob Lamps, LED Omni-Cob Lamps and LED Post-Top Intigo lamps. Shop all HyLite LED Lighting products to find the street lamps that are right for your needs.

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