4-Foot LED Tube Lights from HyLite LED Lighting

Joe/ August 10, 2018/ Lighting Products

In smaller lighting fixtures found in retail establishments, businesses, labs, utility rooms, offices, schools and more, 4-foot tube lights are the ideal choice. When you are replacing the tube in a 4-foot lighting fixture, you need to consider upgrading to LED lighting to improve the energy efficiency of your facility. HyLite LED Lighting offers the 4-foot LED lights that you need to make the switch to LED throughout your facility.

Make Your Lighting Brighter and More Effective with LED
One of the benefits of making the switch to 4-foot LED tube lights over traditional fluorescent lighting is the quality of the light. With LED tube lights, you get excellent light output that is instantly on. LED lights have the highest lumen efficacy in their class, meaning exceptional efficiency. They also have a much longer anticipated lifespan. If you leave the lights on for a typical 8-hour day, you can expect these tubes to last over 17 years, compared to the much shorter life expectancy for fluorescent tubes. When you shop with HyLite LED Lighting, you can also choose from frosted or clear lenses to match your facility’s look.

Energy Savings Add up with LED Lighting
One of the biggest reasons to make the switch to 4-foot LED tube lights is the energy savings you receive. First, LED lighting burns using far less energy than fluorescent lighting, which is the first way in which you save energy. However, beyond this there are additional savings to be had. Fluorescent lighting shines in a circular arc, sending half of its light upward into the light fixture. This is not the case with LED light tubes, which shine 90% of their light downward. This means less wasted energy put into light that does not light your facility, causing less light pollution and waste.

Upgrade to LED Lighting Without Retrofitting
If you have been avoiding making the switch to LED tube lights because of the need to retrofit your light fixtures, HyLite LED Lighting has the solution. We offer 4-foot LED tube lights that can replace existing fluorescent tubes, with no new ballasts or fixtures needed. We have designed our lights to fit in the existing light fixtures that house fluorescent tubes, and they run on AC direct line voltage with no ballasts required. This makes the upgrade quick and simple. If you are ready to make the switch, shop HyLite LED Lighting products today to find the 4-foot LED tubes you need.

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