LED Lighting for Convention Centers

Joe/ April 10, 2019/ Lighting Products

When it comes to convention centers, many components must come together to create the right place for vendors and attendees to come together. One of those components is lighting. Without proper lighting, a convention center will not draw attendees or vendors. Companies who come to conventions want to know that their products and services will be properly displayed, and adequate lighting is critical to that. Attendees want visual comfort and the ability to enjoy the event without undue eye strain.

As you consider your options for lighting, make sure you consider not only the quality of lighting, but also the energy efficiency. With LED lighting options from HyLite LED Lighting, you can combine high efficiency with exceptional lighting quality to make your convention center the facility of choice for events of all types. Here is a closer look at how LED Lighting for convention centers benefits your facility and those who use it.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Convention Centers
When you have businesses paying to host events and thousands of attendees coming to your convention center on a regular basis, you need high quality lighting. Also, because of the large size of a convention center, you need quite a bit of it. Making the switch from conventional lighting to LED lighting has several benefits.

First, switching to LED lighting from conventional lighting can reduce your energy use significantly. While the overall savings will depend on what type of lighting you are currently using, seeing energy bills cut in half or more is not uncommon. Also, because LED lighting tends to have a longer rated lifespan than conventional lighting, you will spend less time, energy and money replacing lighting, which is a tedious task in the high ceilings of the modern convention center. This adds up to monetary savings and a reduction of your carbon footprint, both of which are beneficial to your facility.

In addition, with LED lighting, you will enjoy brighter, better quality light. Unlike many other forms of high bay lighting, LED lighting is “instant on,” which means when you switch the lights on, they are instantly at their brightest point. This means you do not have to give the lights time to warm up and improves the safety of your facility the moment you switch on the lights.

LED Convention Center Lighting from HyLite LED Lighting
Are you ready to enjoy these benefits at your convention center? HyLite LED Lighting offers LED Lotus Lamps that work exceptionally well in convention centers, especially in PAR46/PAR56/PAR64 applications.. With lamp life ratings of up to 60,000 hours, multiple and wide beam angles to distribute light evenly across even the largest convention center, and low energy consumption designs, these lights will help you provide the right experience to your building’s attendees with the energy savings of LED. And because these are retrofit lights, you will not have to change your lighting fixtures. Simply remove your inefficient incandescent or halogen lighting and replace it with HyLite’s LED convention center lighting products and start enjoying energy savings today!