Save Energy with LED Lights for Streets and Roadways

Joe/ March 28, 2019/ Applications

Street lighting is a critical component of a safe community yet maintaining street lighting is a daunting task. The older style HID street lights are known for short replacement cycles, which means you will constantly find yourself out in the community or parking lot replacing lights. In addition, they provide a poor quality of light and require high energy output, a combination which is not effective for your budget needs. If you are looking to keep streets and roadways well-lit and safe, without too much drain on your energy bills, consider LED lighting.

Reduce Energy and Physical Waste with LED Lights for Roadways 
One of the primary reasons to make the switch to LED lighting for roadways is to reduce waste. LED lighting uses far less energy than other lighting options, which means less wasted energy without a reduction in the overall visibility and brightness of the roadway. In addition, LED lighting lasts longer than HID street lighting, so fewer bulbs, lamps, or luminaires are sent to the landfills.

In the case of HyLite LED Lighting options, which are known for their longevity with ratings close to 60,000 hours of rated life, you can get many years of use from one bulb or lamp. This adds up to significant energy savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions created by the physical waste and the maintenance teams driving to and from the light fixtures. If you are looking to “go green” in your community and enjoy quite a bit of savings on your energy bills at the same time, switching to LED is the right choice.

Improved Visibility as an Added Bonus
While lowering energy bills and energy use is a key benefit of switching to LED street lights, many communities are surprised to notice that visibility improves when they make the switch as well. Many LED lighting products have high color rendering indexes, which means they deliver light that is close to natural light. This will help keep your streets bright and inviting.

Consider, as an example, HyLite LED Lighting’s omni-cob retrofit lamps, which deliver 140 LPW. These lamps have a bright light that is closer to natural daylight than their older counterparts, improving the visibility and overall look of your space. Your space will look more inviting and natural, even after dark, with these LED lamps.

Making the switch to LED is a cost-effective way to make your city more beautiful and reduce its energy use. Both are benefits worth considering as you strive to maintain your city’s roadways and their lights more effectively. Reach out to HyLite LED Lighting to learn more about your options today.