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Lighting Specialist/ May 22, 2018/ Lighting Products

Lighting tubes that are 8 feet in length are often found in store displays, hospitals, warehouses, hospitality businesses, labs, utility rooms and offices. Today’s businesses are moving away from the harsh, wasteful fluorescent tubes in favor of 8-foot LED lights. HyLite LED Lighting offers 8-foot LED lights that give the energy efficiency of LED lighting and the longevity that comes from superior products crafted by HyLite.

Save Energy and Reduce Light Pollution
Traditional fluorescent light tubs lose as much as 50% of their light, because they shine light upward as well as down. This increases energy costs and creates lighting pollution. When you purchase 8-foot LED tube lights from HyLite LED Lighting, you reduce this significantly. HyLite LED Lighting’s LED tube lights emit 90% of their light downward, spanning 130-degrees. This lowers energy costs and puts more of the light where it is needed, thus reducing lighting pollution.

Improve Lighting at Your Facility While Reducing Costs
When you are in the market for 8-foot LED lights, you want to know that the product you buy is going to deliver quality light without driving up your costs. You get both with HyLite LED Lighting light tubes. These lights have excellent light output, but they are also energy efficient LED options. When compared with fluorescent light tubs, they save as much as 75% in power use. These lights have the highest lumen efficacy in their class and boast an ultra-long life. When used for eight hours a day, they can last over 17 years, helping reduce costs even further. HyLite LED Lighting offers these solutions in clear and frosted lenses to achieve any facility aesthetic you may be looking for.

No Retrofitting New Fixtures Needed
When a business purchases 8ft LED tube lights from HyLite LED Lighting to replace existing fluorescent tubes, there is no need for new ballasts or lighting fixtures. Our lights are designed to fit in the existing fluorescent light fixtures and require no ballasts. They simply run on AC direct line voltage. This eliminates the compatibility and shortened lifetime issues common when adding LED lighting to an existing fluorescent setup.

If you are in need of efficient, effective and affordable lighting options to replace fluorescent tubes, consider 8-foot LED lights from HyLite LED Lighting. We offer built-to-last, sustainable solutions that will lower your energy costs, help protect the environment. Find the 8ft LED tube lights you need with help from HyLite LED Lighting today.

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