The Future of Lighting with HyLite’s NexGen OptiMax Tube Lights!

Joe/ August 28, 2023/ Lighting Products

Create, Save, Illuminate

We are excited to introduce the NexGen OptiMax High-Performance Tube Lights by HyLite LED Lighting. A revolution in lighting technology, these tube lights are Multi-Mode, Multi-CCT, and Plug N’ Play LED lights available in 12W and 18W. Designed for easy installation, they seamlessly replace T8 & T12 fluorescent tube lights in new or existing fixtures without needing rewiring. Plus, they are compatible with motion controls and sensors, making them a smart choice for modern spaces.

True Plug & Play – Direct Install

With the NexGen OptiMax Tube Lights, you can replace fluorescent tubes with the ballast or by removing the ballast. They work with shunted or non-shunted tombstones, electronic or emergency ballasts, and AC Direct Input Current (120-277VAC). Additionally, they work with single-end (either side) and or double-end power input. No more hassle, and save on labor and maintenance costs!

contact hyliteCreate Your Desired Environment

Our patented and proprietary technology allows multi-CCT 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K, enabling you to choose the environment you want to create in your room. Say goodbye to eye strain and headaches associated with fluorescent lighting, as our flicker-free lights ensure a comfortable and healthy environment. Moreover, our tube lights are NSF-certified and offer ultra-efficient illumination with the highest luminous efficacy in its class of up to 125 LpW. They maintain more than 85% of their initial lumens throughout their lifespan.


Save on Utility Costs

Switch to HyLite’s NexGen OptiMax Tube Lights and save up to 60-63% on your utility costs. With a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, this translates to over 15 years (at an on-time of 9 hours a day). Comparatively, traditional fluorescent tube lights would need to be replaced every few years. Our new OptiMax 12W and 18W Tube Lights replace the standard 32W and 44W fluorescent tube lights, making them the ideal choice for energy and cost savings.


HyLite LED Lighting is revolutionizing how we light our spaces with their new NexGen Products. These lamps are compact, energy-efficient, and have a high lumen output, making them perfect for various applications. The NexGen LED Lamps are industrial-grade, designed for easy installation in new and existing fixtures, and suitable for damp locations and fully enclosed fixtures. Moreover, these environmentally friendly lamps are 98% recyclable and significantly reduce energy consumption, re-lamping, maintenance, and disposal costs.

Key Features:

  • Energy-Efficient: The NexGen LED Lamps save between 67%-90% energy, significantly reducing energy consumption and re-lamping costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made with no hazardous materials, RoHS Compliant with no lead, mercury, toxic metals, or arsenic gases.
  • Long-Lasting: With a lamp life of up to 60,000 hours, they significantly decrease maintenance and disposal costs.
  • Universal Input Voltage: The NexGen LED Lamps have a universal input voltage of 100-277V or 120-347V, making them suitable for use anywhere in the world.

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Product Variants:

Omni-Cob Lamps:

    • Increased Visibility: Feature excellent optics with low power consumption for increased visibility.
    • Thermal Management: Proprietary thermal management offers cool operation that does not add to the heat load and enhances longer life.
    • Applications: Suitable for bollards, low and high-bays, post tops, etc.

Arc-Cob Lamps:

    • Optical Acuity: Offers excellent optical acuity, enhances vision, and reduces light pollution.
    • Flexibility: Features 120° of clean, bright light with a 350° rotatable base, providing flexibility while increasing visibility and security.
    • Applications: Suitable for street lights, wall packs, security, site/area, and floodlights.

Intigo Post-Top Lamps:

    • Enhanced Vision: Enhances vision with better optical acuity for increased visibility and security.
    • Rugged Design: The rugged industrial design is shatter-proof, high shock, and vibration-resistant.
    • Applications: Suitable for decorative post-tops, garages, bollards, traffic lights, high ceilings, site lighting, decorative fixtures, acorn fixtures, etc.

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HyLite’s NexGen Products are the future of lighting solutions. With their energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and long-lasting features, they are cost-effective and contribute to reducing the environmental impact. Whether you want to light up a parking lot, a street, or an industrial area, HyLite’s NexGen LED Lamps offer the perfect solution.

Upgrade your lighting with HyLite’s NexGen OptiMax Tube Lights and experience the difference in energy savings, performance, and comfort. For more information or to request additional details, contact HyLite LED at 803.336.2230 or via email at

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