Best Applications For NexGen Products

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Top Applications for LED Lights

The next generation of compact, energy-efficient, high-lumen output lamps from HyLite is now available!

Listed as the Omni-Cob, Arc-Cob, and Indigo Post-Top, these NexGen LED lamps are industrial-grade, heavy-duty lights with a highly efficient lighting design that provides excellent illumination in all directions. In addition, they reduce energy consumption and lamp replacement expenses by between 67 and 90%.

Our latest NexGen LED lamps are designed to install new and existing fixtures. They are also both suitable and safe for damp locations and fully enclosed fixtures, making them ideal for many applications.

NexGen LED lamps make excellent replacements for conventional CFL, MV, HID, and HPS lamps. Quick and easy installation makes them simple to retrofit into existing sockets, and with a lamp life of up to 60,000 hours, they significantly reduce maintenance and disposal costs. In addition, the universal input voltages of 100-277V or 120-347V make NexGen LED Lamps suitable for use anywhere in the world.

NexGen’s new LED lamps are RoHS-compliant and contain no hazardous materials, including no lead, mercury, toxic metals, or arsenic gasses. The latest NexGen products by HyLite are environmentally friendly and 98 percent recyclable.

HyLite would like to introduce you to their latest NexGen products: the LED Omni-Cob lamp, LED Arc-Cob lamp, and the LED Intigo Post-Top lamp.

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HyLite LED Omni-Cob Lamps

The excellent optics of the NexGen Omni-Cob lamps increase visibility while reducing energy consumption. In addition, thermal management technology provides a cool operating environment that does not add to the heat load and promotes a longer product life.

HyLite’s LED Omni-Cob lamps are ideal replacements for various applications using CFL, MV, HID, and HPS lamps. They feature an optimized lighting beam with a maximum 360° illumination and brilliant light output. In addition, the NexGen Omni-Cob lamp can be positioned in any orientation without affecting its longevity or effectiveness.

Recommended Applications

Omni-Cob lamps can serve an impressive number of functions. They’re ideal for the street, parking lot, area, and security lighting. They’re also excellent options for warehouses, gymnasiums, sports fields, indoor recreational facilities, and rooms with both high and low ceilings.

Regarding safety approaches, Omni-Cob lamps are perfect for bollards and walkways, wall packs, driveways, stairwells, hallways, and freezer or cold storage spaces.

They fit easily into recessed cans, decorative light fixtures, and jelly jar lights. Omni-Cob lamps also make great lights for use in historic or vintage fixtures.

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HyLite LED Arc-Cob Lamps

The NexGen Arc-Cob lamp provides superior optical clarity, improves vision, and reduces light pollution. Its compact size makes it an ideal replacement for CFL, MV, HID, and HPS lamps in fully enclosed fixtures. The 100-277V or 120-347V universal input voltages of these NexGen LED lamps make them suitable for use anywhere in the world.

The NexGen Arc-Cob lamp emits 120° of clean, bright light and is designed for reliability and optimal performance. A 350-degree rotatable base offers users flexibility while enhancing visibility and security through uniform illumination. As a result, the NexGen Arc-Cob lamp provides the highest quality of light while significantly reducing energy consumption, maintenance expenses, and environmental impact.

Recommended Applications

NexGen Arc-Cob lamps are perfect for outdoor athletic fields, indoor sports facilities, gymnasiums, and auditoriums. Outdoors, they can serve as street and parking lot lights, security and area lighting, canopy lighting, and floodlighting.

HyLite’s NexGen Arc-Cob lamps also make good decorative lighting, illumination for stairways and corridors, and outdoor wall pack lighting.

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HyLite LED Intigo Post-Top Lamps

The NexGen Intigo Post-Top lamps enhance vision with improved optical acuity for better visibility and security. In addition, they reduce light pollution while providing clean, crisp illumination. The compact size of NexGen Intigo Post-Top lamps makes them ideal replacements for CFL, MV, HID, and HPS lamps in existing post-top and fully-enclosed fixtures and damp locations.

Their rugged industrial design is shatterproof and resistant to shock and vibration. The NexGen Intigo Post-Top lamp provides uniform and even light distribution with 360-degree illumination. In addition, they feature a cool operation that does not contribute to the heat load while producing brilliant light.

Recommended Applications

NexGen Intigo Post-Top lamps are ideal for security, street, traffic, and high post lights used in parking lots and other open areas. They’re also well-suited for nighttime approaches such as driveways and walkways.

Where Intigo Post-Top lamps shine, though, is in aesthetic settings such as historic or vintage fixtures, acorn fixtures, and other forms of decorative lighting. They’re sturdy and can withstand all sorts of weather, making them great outdoor lights.

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For More About NexGen Lamps

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