LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations

Joe/ March 15, 2019/ Applications

After dark, gas stations can become frightening places, yet motorists need to be able to fill up without fear. The key to making gas stations more inviting, and safer, for customers is proper lighting. In fact, a well-lit gas station will be the one many customers choose over one that is poorly lit, simply because of the safety and comfort factor. Yet leaving the lights on will increase your costs. To manage the need for a well-lit space with the demand to cut utility costs, consider making the switch to LED canopy lighting.

LED Canopy Lights Draw the Right Attention to Your Gas Station
Take a look at your gas station from the main roads around it after the sun has set. Does it look bright and inviting? Does your lighting draw the attention of passing motorists? Does it feel like a safe place to refuel? LED canopy lights can make it inviting and help your customers feel safer. This lighting offers a brighter light that is closer to natural daylight, which will make your gas station the one that passing motorists will trust. By making the switch to LED, you will draw the right attention with a bright and inviting gas station.

Reduce Energy Consumption with LED Canopy Lights
Not only will LED canopy lights cause more motorists to stop and take a closer look at your gas station, but they will also help you lower your energy bills. While the amount you save will depend on the type of lighting you currently have, making the switch to HyLite LED Lighting options for your canopy lights can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 85 percent. This will lead to lower energy bills as you keep your space well lit.

Reduce the Risk of Burned Out Lights
The brightest, most effective lighting is only going to work well if it remains lit. making the switch to LED and choosing HyLite LED Lighting options helps reduce the risk of burned out lights. These LED lights contain industry-leading technology that extends the lifespan significantly, giving you much longer use and reducing your maintenance and replacement costs significantly.

If you need to brighten your gas station with new canopy lights and want to ensure that your lighting is efficient and long lasting, consider HyLite LED Lighting bulbs and lamps. Our LED technology and improved designs will deliver bright, comfortable lighting for year after year. Learn more by reaching out to the HyLite LED Lighting team today.