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Joe/ January 30, 2019/ Energy Saving

At HyLite LED Lighting, we have a wide selection of LED lighting solutions that are designed to save you energy & money. With longer lifespans and higher efficacies, our lighting solutions will give you the efficient lighting you need at a price that fits your budget. But just how can LED lighting be an energy saver? Here’s a closer look at how our energy saving bulbs help you save.

CFLs vs. LEDs
When you are looking to buy energy saving bulbs, you have two basic options: LED or CFL bulbs. Both offer energy savings over incandescent bulbs but use a different technology. CFL bulbs contain argon and mercury vapors that light up when electrical current runs through them, and this requires a warm-up period before they reach full brightness. LED lighting uses a positive and negative charge to generate light energy. LED bulbs reach their full brightness the moment they are turned on, because the charge is instantly triggered when electricity is applied.

The technology inside LED bulbs requires less energy to run, as well. The average American home, for example, has about 40 light bulbs. If those bulbs run three hours per day, a family will spend, on average, $80 per year if they are using CFL bulbs. While this sounds affordable, LED costs for the same home would be $55 a year. The difference is substantial.

Why is this? To replace a 60-watt incandescent bulb and provide the same level of brightness, you will need a 13-watt CFL bulb. To make the switch to LED, you need one that is just 9 watts. Fewer watts means less money spent to power the bulb.

Businesses Stand to Save Even More
While it’s easy to figure statistics for homes, businesses who make the switch to LED stand to save even more. The average business spends about 40 percent of its electrical costs on lighting. The average American business spends about $7,000 a year on electricity, which means $2,800 of that goes to lighting. Reducing lighting costs significantly by switching to LEDs adds up to thousands in savings.

Longer Lifespan Means Additional Savings
LED light bulbs also have a significantly longer expected lifespan than CFLs and incandescent options. The average lifespan for a CFL bulb is 8 years. A similar LED light bulb can last up to 21 years or longer depending on the burn time. This means far less replacement cost over the same period of time. Less replacement cost for parts, less replacement costs for labor, and less energy use combine to make these energy saving bulbs a wise investment.

If you are looking to add LED lighting to your business or home, HyLite LED Lighting makes it simple. Reach out today to learn about our easy-to-install LED lighting solutions, and how they can help you embrace the energy savings of LED.

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