LED Lighting Solutions for Healthcare

Joe/ January 15, 2019/ Industries Served

Best LED Lights for Healthcare Facilities 

The healthcare industry requires clear, bright lighting for healthcare workers’ accuracy and patients’ comfort. Yet ever-tightening budgets and concerns about protecting the environment also mean healthcare facilities must be conscious of the cost of their lighting solutions. LED lighting solutions offer the right choice to balance both needs.

LED lighting is bright, clear, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly. It brings several benefits to shealing companies. Here are some of them.

LED Lighting Works with the Body’s Natural Circadian Rhythm

The human body has the natural rhythm known as its circadian rhythm. This natural process allows the body to release the hormones necessary for sleep and activity based on the color of the light. In the morning and evening, light is a warm, white color, and the body naturally releases melatonin to cause a person to feel sleepy. During the day, bright, cooler light triggers the natural suppression of melatonin and an increase of serotonin, which gears the activity.

In a hospital setting, light that mimics the bright, cool light of the midday sun helps encourage work patients to have improved alertness as they work. This can decrease fatigue because the lighting will not cause melatonin production. Conversely, workers may be prone to drowsiness if the lighting in a hospital is warm, such as with other types of lighting. This can make their work more difficult than it is difficult to do. LED is a cool, white light that helps keep workers alert and accurate.

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Improved Color Rendering Leads to Improved Accuracy

Healthcare workers must visually evaluate patients. Many conditions treated in a hospital or clinic are diagnosed based on initial visual inspection. For example, jaundice is usually first noticed based on a patient’s skin color. For this reason, healthcare settings need lighting with a high color rendering index (CRI).

LED lighting offers a CRI that is as close to natural sunlight as possible, improving the accuracy of work in a hospital.

Greater Energy Efficiency Improves Operating Budgets

In many healthcare settings, such as hospitals, lights must always be on. The more energy-efficient the lighting, the better for the provider’s budget.

Replacing fluorescent or similar lighting with LED lighting can reduce energy expenditures by as much as 80 percent, sometimes more, not including the additional savings on the HVAC system from the heat reduction.

Making the Switch? Choose HyLite LED Lighting

If your medical facility is ready to switch to LED lighting, choose HyLite LED Lighting for your lighting choices. We have a large selection of LED lighting to match any need, with no retrofitting required.

Contact our team today to discuss your healthcare LED lighting options.

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