Top 3 Tips for Buying LED Flood Lights

Joe/ July 24, 2018/ Lighting Products

Whether you are installing new flood lights to your property or are looking to upgrade your existing floodlights to a more efficient LED option, you will want to buy the right ones. LED flood lights are more efficient than other lighting options and create minimal heat emission, improving the safety and security of your facility. They also last longer than other lighting options, with a lifespan of 10 times more than halogen or fluorescent lighting options, which means less risk of security problems because a light is out. In light of all of these benefits, the choice to upgrade to LED makes sense.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right flood light for your needs…

1) Decide When You Need Illumination
First, consider when you need illumination, which will determine the type of fixture to choose. Do you need the area to be lit from the time the sun sets until it rises again? Then consider dusk-to-dawn flood lights. Are you looking for lights that turn on with motion, but remain off at other times? Motion sensor flood lights are a good option. For indoor uses, like parking garages, always-on lighting may make the most sense. Consider your needs to choose the right fixture and lamp type.

2) Decide the Right Size
Next, choose the right size for your needs. LED flood lights come various size options. If your existing lighting is sufficient, choose an equivalent power. If you need a bit more or less light, upgrade accordingly.

3) Make Sure the LED Lamps Have the Right Safety Features
Finally, make sure the lamps have the right safety features. For example, you may wish to have a lamp with surge protection included, or one that is protected against dust infiltration or splashing water. These safety features will keep your property protected and ensure your bulbs are always ready for use.

Remember, LED retrofit flood lamps are rated up to 60,000 hours. With the right bulbs, you will not have to think about replacement for decades. They provide instant on, instant restrike capabilities, so you get powerful lighting the minute the lamp is switched on. HyLite LED Lighting offers a number of LED flood lights for your consideration. Find the one that fits your needs today and improve the energy efficiency and security of your facility.

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