All of our products are based on our principles of sustainability and use innovative technology to exceed the safety, reliability and elegance standards our customers expect. They are engineered to be efficiently and durably built by using materials and processes that are kind to our environment. We only utilize the best components and systematically reduce costs, while maintaining our focus on increasing the energy-efficiency of our products. We continually strive to use and manage natural resources responsibly, be conservative in our daily operations, and minimize wastage in the production of our products. We bring to you products that reflect our passion for helping create a greener, cleaner world.

Solid-State LED lighting are smarter technology options for any organization looking to save energy and maintenance costs, while also decreasing its impact on the environment. Customers leverage HyLite LED Lighting’s high-performance products to replace traditional lamp and luminaire technologies (such as Incandescent, Halogen, High-Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor and Fluorescent Lighting) with state-of-the-art LED products that provide high performance and energy-efficient clean light for interior and exterior applications. HyLite LED Lighting’s current and future-generation products support global clean energy initiatives by reducing energy consumption and offering environmentally friendly solutions for general lighting applications.

HyLite LED Lighting’s goal is to deliver the most cost-effective and highest quality lighting solutions, resulting in optimal performance. Our new-generation lighting products are designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional products used in offices, hospitals and healthcare, schools and universities, hospitality, roadways, streets and decorative post top lighting, canopy, parking lots, site security, municipal park and public areas, retail stores and shopping malls, building illumination, parking garages, gas stations, historic areas, residential, commercial, institutional and industrial lighting, and for the “always-on” environments.

We trust you will experience years of reliable service from all of our products. We are committed to your satisfaction. Whether you are looking to offset energy costs or your carbon footprint, HyLite LED Lighting products are designed to provide you with reliable, economical and sustainable options for your energy need.

Quality Assurance: HyLite LED Lighting only manufactures and markets superior quality products. All of our products conform to internationally recognized standards, where applicable. Our quality control program is meticulous and our technical resources are backed by extensive research and development.