Our Mission:

To help protect the environment through our revolutionary lighting systems and ensure long-term economic sustainability for businesses, communities, and governments around the globe.

Our Vision:

We strive to become the Premier Global Developer of Energy-Saving LED Lighting Solutions.

Environmental Mission:

HyLite LED Lighting’s Environmental Mission is to Maximize your Green. We are concerned about the environmental future of our planet. For that reason, we implement energy efficient technologies that lessen the negative impact on our environment and help preserve existing natural resources.

HyLite LED Lighting is dedicated to becoming a truly green manufacturing company and reducing the impact that we all have on the environment. From utilizing incorporating recycled content into our product line, to the energy savings that can be obtained through energy efficient Induction and LED Lighting, We are dedicated to working towards a more sustainable future for everyone.

While HyLite LED Lighting is a pioneer in the development of new, energy-saving lighting technologies and products, we also hope that by using our products, customers will become more environmentally aware. The use of these products goes a long way in saving energy, but there are many other ways to conserve energy, support the health of the environment, and incorporate sustainable practices into everyday life.

Our environmental mission is a dedication to the preservation of our planet, for the children of the future, by offering primarily eco-friendly, energy-saving lighting solutions at an affordable price.  Acknowledging that children are the foundation of our future, we are charged with a social responsibility to preserve the planet they will inherit.