Choosing the Right Post-Top Lighting Fixtures

Joe/ May 3, 2023/ Fixtures

Upgrading to LED Post Top Lighting

Post-top lighting refers to fixtures commonly installed on poles in outdoor areas like roadways, pathways, parking lots, and commercial or educational campuses. These fixtures are designed to illuminate pedestrian and vehicle use, ensuring safety and visibility in these spaces. They are typically mounted vertically on poles ranging from 7 to 20 feet tall.

It is common to see multiple fixtures mounted on a single pole, although the specific mounting method may vary depending on the location’s requirements. As a trusted provider of lighting solutions, HyLite recognizes the significance of reliable and visually appealing post-top lighting fixtures in creating a well-lit and secure outdoor environment.

Understanding Your Lighting Needs

Choosing the right post-top lighting fixtures for your outdoor spaces involves understanding your lighting needs. Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Consider the purpose of the outdoor space: Determine if it’s a parking lot, walkway, park, or commercial area. Each space may have different lighting requirements. For example, a parking lot needs bright, uniform lighting for safety and visibility, while a park may require a softer, ambient lighting scheme for a pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Evaluate the size and layout: Note the area’s dimensions to be illuminated, including length, width, and height. This information will help determine the number of fixtures needed and their appropriate mounting positions to achieve optimal light distribution.
  3. Assess lighting requirements at different times of the day: Determine if the outdoor space will be primarily used in the evening or nighttime. If so, you’ll need fixtures that provide adequate illumination in low-light conditions. In addition, consider any specific lighting needs for security purposes or to highlight architectural features or landscape elements.
  4. Factor in existing lighting infrastructure: If you’re replacing older fixtures, take note of the current mounting configurations, wiring, and compatibility with different lighting technologies. This will guide you in selecting post-top lighting fixtures that seamlessly integrate with your existing setup.

By thoroughly assessing your outdoor space’s purpose, size, lighting requirements, and existing infrastructure, you’ll gather valuable information to select the right post-top lighting fixtures. This ensures that you choose fixtures that meet your needs, providing the desired illumination level, aesthetics, and functionality for a successful lighting installation.

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HID vs. LED Post-Top Lights

HID lights, also known as High-Intensity Discharge lights, have been used for many years and offer high intensity and efficiency for lighting large areas. However, they have several drawbacks, including wasted energy in the form of infrared radiation, lumen degradation over time, emission of UV radiation, and the need for reflection and redirection of light. Additionally, HID lights have a warm-up period, discoloration issues, require a ballast, and contain toxic materials.

On the other hand, LED lights provide significant cost benefits compared to HID lights. LEDs have a longer lifespan, are more energy efficient, offer high-quality light, require minimal maintenance, and do not emit infrared or UV radiation. LEDs are also easy to dim, emit light directionally, and have faster response times. Although LEDs have higher upfront costs, their long-term savings in maintenance and energy costs make them a superior choice.

Considering the cost benefits, efficiency, lifespan, maintenance requirements, and other advantages, LED lights outperform HID lights in most applications. HyLite is a trusted provider of LED lighting solutions that can help you harness the benefits of LED technology for your lighting needs.

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Determining the Optimal Mounting Height

Properly placing light fixtures is vital in achieving effective and efficient illumination for streets, roads, and sidewalks. In this article, we’ll explore the factors to consider when determining the optimal height for post-top lights.

  • Consider the area to be illuminated: The width of the area that needs to be lit is closely related to the height of the lighting pole. Therefore, different areas require different pole heights to ensure adequate coverage. Lighting poles ranging from 4 to 6 meters are commonly used for sidewalks and bicycle roads. Narrow streets and byroads benefit from 8 to 10 meters lighting poles. Taller poles in the 10 to 12 meters range are preferred in larger areas such as boulevards and commercial and industrial spaces.
  • Balance between brightness and darkness: The pole’s height significantly influences the light distribution. Improper pole height can result in areas that are either too bright or too dark. To achieve balanced illumination, it’s essential to select the right height that aligns with the specific lighting requirements of the area.
  • Consider pole spacing: The distance between poles is equally important. It affects the number of poles and light fixtures needed, directly impacting the overall cost. Generally, the distance between poles should be around 2.5 to 3 times the height of the pole. For example, if a 6-meter lighting pole is used, 15 to 18 meters between the poles is suitable. Proper spacing ensures even coverage and minimizes dark spots or overly bright areas.
  • Factors influencing pole height: When determining the height of the lighting pole, factors such as speed limits, traffic density, and crime rates should be considered. These factors help classify the road and determine the appropriate lighting standards. Additionally, consider the light fixture’s total light output and distribution to ensure optimal illumination.

With the right height and HyLite’s top-quality lighting fixtures, you can create visually captivating outdoor environments that enhance safety, improve visibility, and elevate the overall aesthetics of your space.

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What’s Best For You?

Upgrading to LED post top lighting offers numerous advantages over HID lights, including energy efficiency, longer lifespan, low maintenance requirements, and superior light quality. By understanding your specific lighting needs, evaluating the area’s purpose, size, and existing infrastructure, and considering the optimal mounting height based on factors such as area coverage and light distribution, you can make an informed decision when selecting post top lighting fixtures.

Choose HyLite as your trusted provider of LED lighting solutions and transform your outdoor spaces into well-lit, secure, and visually captivating environments that enhance safety and elevate the overall aesthetics. Call now! 803-336-2230