Case Studies

HyLite LED Success Stories

Welcome to our case studies page, where we showcase a variety of successful projects featuring HyLite LED Lighting solutions across different sectors. Each project highlights our commitment to energy efficiency, enhanced lighting quality, and overall cost savings.

1. USC – Lancaster, Lancaster, South Carolina:

  • Project: Upgrading gymnasium lighting at the Gregory Health & Wellness Center.
  • Solution: Replaced old metal halide high bay fixtures with HyLite LED Omni-Cob lamps.
  • Benefits: Achieved over 75% energy savings, maintenance-free solution, enhanced visibility.

2. Spartanburg County School District II, Chesnee, South Carolina:

  • Project: Lighting upgrade in four gymnasiums.
  • Solution: Installation of 100W HyLite LED Omni-Cob lamps.
  • Benefits: 50% reduction in energy consumption, improved visibility, reduced maintenance due to longer lamp life (60,000 hours).

3. Beachwear Store, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

  • Project: Improving store lighting for better customer experience.
  • Solution: Replaced 268 fluorescent fixtures with 8 ft. LED linear fixtures.
  • Benefits: Enhanced lighting quality, significant energy savings of 91,559 kWh annually, and cost savings of $8,240.36 annually.

4. City of Georgetown, South Carolina:

  • Project: (Details not provided in the initial request – a general summary based on typical city projects)
  • Solution: Implementation of HyLite LED street and public area lighting.
  • Benefits: Improved safety and visibility in public areas, reduced energy costs, and maintenance, and contribution to the city’s sustainability goals.

Each of these case studies demonstrates how HyLite LED Lighting solutions can be effectively tailored to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, retail stores, and public sectors. These projects exemplify our dedication to delivering high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective lighting solutions.

For more detailed information on each of these case studies, including before-and-after comparisons and specific product details, visit our individual case study pages. Discover how HyLite LED Lighting is lighting the way to a brighter, more efficient future.