Wall Pack Lighting: The Unsung Heroes of Outdoor Illumination

Joe/ October 12, 2023/ Lighting Products

Wall Pack Lighting 101

Heading into 2024, projections indicate that the LED lighting market could reach an astounding value of $111 billion. With the industry growing at such an unparalleled pace, questions arise regarding the effectiveness of outdoor lighting alternatives.

You might not be immediately acquainted with the term ‘wall pack lights.’ However, if this is your maiden encounter with them, we’ve got you covered! We’re about to demystify their roles and highlight their various lighting counterparts.

Once you grasp the essence of these lights, you’ll likely recognize their widespread use in many facilities around you. Let’s journey into the world of wall pack lights and discover their merits.

Wall Pack Lights Explained

For the uninitiated, wall pack lights are luminaires affixed to building exteriors, radiating outward. Their purpose is paramount in brightening external areas, with their positioning varying based on the edifice’s needs and the desired illumination radius.

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Where To Use Wall Pack Lighting

Beyond merely lighting areas requiring clarity, wall pack lights are staples around commercial entities. Yet, their scope extends beyond that. Construction sites regard them as essential, ensuring safety amidst heavy machinery operations. Furthermore, whether it’s a mall, hospital, or corporate hub, their parking facilities often sport these lights. They’re also integral to both subterranean and overhead tunnels.

Types of Wall Pack Lighting

Every illumination need is distinct, and hence, wall pack lighting choices differ:

  1. High-Pressure Sodium Light: Economical due to their energy conservation, they’re best suited for vast areas like warehouses. Their only drawback is a slightly prolonged warm-up time.
  2. Fluorescent Light: Budget-friendly and energy-conserving, they have an environmental concern due to their mercury content, necessitating cautious disposal.
  3. Sodium Vapor Light: With their signature amber radiance, they’re frequently incorporated into wall packs. Though they ensure proper lighting, they might be cost-intensive over time.
  4. LED Wall Pack Lights: HyLite LED Lighting’s prime recommendation is, predictably, the LED variant. Symbolizing efficiency, dependability, and cost-effectiveness, they’re both eco-friendly and budget-conscious in the long run.

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LED Wall Packs: Your Questions Answered

As we dive deeper into the world of LED wall packs, it’s natural to have questions about their functionalities, applications, and benefits. To help clarify any uncertainties, we’ve curated a comprehensive FAQ section below.

What are LED wall pack lights?

These are robust, eco-friendly external luminaires fixed to walls, primarily lighting pathways, entrances, parking areas, enhancing nocturnal visibility and security.

Why should I prefer LED wall packs?

LEDs offer:

  • Significant energy conservation and resultant cost reductions.
  • An impressive lifespan often exceeding 50,000 hours.
  • Consistent and optimal brightness.
  • Lowered maintenance due to their durability.

How do I calibrate my wall pack’s brightness?

Brightness depends on its purpose and the space. Lumens denote brightness, with 2,500 to 5,000 lumens typically sufficing for entrances. Expansive areas might require more.

What security perks do LED wall packs offer?

They augment security via consistent bright illumination, deterring potential threats and bolstering surveillance.

Can I upgrade my traditional wall packs to LED?

Definitely! LEDs seamlessly replace older units, offering immediate energy savings.

How do LEDs compare in energy efficiency?

Against conventional lighting, LEDs can render energy savings up to 80%, benefiting both your wallet and the environment.

Do LED wall packs demand special maintenance?

Their low-maintenance nature requires only occasional cleaning to prevent dirt accumulation.

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Features & Benefits

These lights are foundational in safeguarding building premises, with applications spanning from industries to retail spaces. When scouting for a new LED wall pack, it’s easy to be swayed by the least expensive offerings. Yet, it’s vital to discern quality over mere cost. With a plethora of nearly identical market offerings, how does one select the best? Let us illuminate your decision-making.

  • Availability: With fluctuating supply chains, it’s crucial to ensure timely product availability. Many manufacturers are moving towards domestic stockholding to minimize delays.
  • Lighting Flexibility: New-age LED fixtures now feature “color” and “wattage” selection, granting adaptability at a slightly higher cost but possibly ensuring quicker availability.
  • Adherence to Local Norms: It’s essential that fixtures like wall packs meet local lighting stipulations, including specific BUG or dark sky standards.
  • Warranty Assurance: Established producers usually extend warranties ranging from five to ten years, typically covering only the product.
  • Balancing Brand & Budget: Once you’ve filtered through renowned brands, you’ll still navigate a spectrum of prices. Consolidating purchases might offer bulk discounts.
  • Rebate Factors: If you’re eyeing utility rebates, ensure your product meets specific criteria.

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