Compact Fluorescent Lamp Alternatives from HyLite LED Lighting

Joe/ June 25, 2018/ Uncategorized

Compact fluorescent lamps have been a popular choice for those looking for energy efficient lighting options. These plug-in lamps offer much greater efficiency than traditional incandescent bulbs with a much longer lifespan. However, the advent of LED technology means there is a better option. LED omni-bulbs and similar LED products offer the same plug in design as compact fluorescent lamps with even greater efficiency and longevity. HyLite LED Lighting offers a number of LED lamp options that are perfect replacements for the compact fluorescent lamps in your home or office.

Benefits of Upgrading from Compact Fluorescent Lamps to LED Options
Why should you consider updating your compact fluorescent lamps and choosing LED options instead? When you make the switch, you will enjoy up to 91% in energy savings over incandescent bulbs and up to 65% savings over CFL bulbs. But energy savings are just the first benefit. The plug in LED options from HyLite LED Lighting offer 50,000 hours of rated life. This is four to six times the expected lifespan of CFL bulbs. Increased efficiency combined with increased longevity adds up to exceptional savings when you make the switch.

In addition, making the switch to LED does not mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your lighting. In fact, LED lighting is a better-quality light because it offers full brightness the moment you turn the switch on, rather than requiring time to warm up as is the case for many CFL options. HyLite LED Lighting offers these bulbs in a number of colors that will perfectly match your application and aesthetic.

LED Options to Replace Compact Fluorescent Lamps
HyLite LED Lighting offers plug-in LED lamps with the proper bases to replace CFL lamps of most sizes and types. These bulbs are available in both ballast bypass and ballast compatible options, ensuring you can replace whatever type of compact fluorescent lamps you have with more efficient LED lamps. HyLite LED Lighting’s lamps are designed to plug in to existing light fixtures with no need to retrofit, and they can run on either 120 or 277 volts.

HyLite LED Lighting has plug-in LED lamps. They can replace CFL bulbs up to 42W and are ideal for commercial applications ranging from retail to medical to manufacturing. These sustainable lighting options have no toxic metals, unlike compact fluorescent lamps, and are 98% recyclable, making them the best choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

If you are looking for compact fluorescent lamps for your company, consider making the switch to LED bulbs from HyLite LED Lighting. Save time, money and energy while enjoying bright light on demand and no retrofitting need when you make the switch.