Case Study City of Village of Skaneateles

Case Study - City

Village of Skaneateles, New York


Village of Skaneateles is a small town located in Upstate NY.

When several of their decorative Post Top lights were due for a lighting upgrade, the Village looked to LED lighting technology to help them achieve their goals.

The traditional Post Top fixtures used 150W HPS lamps and ballasts. Much of the initial light output of the fixtures had depreciated since the HPS lamps were installed many years ago. Also, several of the lamps had failed, making this an ideal situation to upgrade to LED lighting.

While improving visibility and light levels in the Village were a primary concern, they were also concerned with minimizing upfront costs, energy costs, and future maintenance costs.


To cost-effectively upgrade the Post Top Lighting, they turned to HyLite LED’s line of Intigo Post Top lamps. The 40W HyLite LED Intigo Post Top lamp dramatically improved visibility in the area while cutting energy consumption by 78%.

The retrofit lamp solution selected by the Village of Skaneateles minimized upfront costs by utilizing the existing fixture. Additionally, with a rated lamp life of up to 60,000 hours, the HyLite LED Intigo Post Top will last over 3 times longer than the current HPS lamp. Ballasts were eliminated from the circuit.

Energy Savings

Energy Savings (using $0.12/kWh - national average for comparative calculations of possible savings)

Previous Energy Consumption (total connected load)
78 Lamps x 150W HPS x 10 hours per day = 117,000W/1000 = 117 KWH/day x 365 = 42,705 KWH x $.12/KWH = $5,125

78 Ballasts x 30W x 10 hours per day = 23,400W/1000 = 23.40 KWH/day x 365 = 8,541 KWH x $.12/KWH = $1,025
TOTAL = $6,150 per year

Current Energy Consumption (total connected load)
78 Lamps x 40W LED x 10 hours per day = 31,200W/1000 = 31.2 KWH/day x 365 = 11,388 KWH x $.12/KWH = $1,367
TOTAL = $1,367 per year


Maintenance Savings
The old HPS luminaires were a costly item in the annual maintenance
budget. Due to constant lamp outages, according to the Village of
Skaneateles the street fixtures were a 2 man-hour per week expense.
Including the lamp & ballast replacement, it was costing $6,760 annually
in maintenance.


After completion of the project, the Simple Payback Calculation allotted for 1.8 years for the Village of Skaneateles to recoup their initial investment. After the conversion, they now have a solution that will last them years on end, allowing them to spend their time, money, and resources on more productive projects instead of changing out failed lamps and ballasts. With a 78% reduction in Energy Consumption & more appealing aesthetic improvement, here is what the Project Director had to say:

“Everything looks brand new after the retrofit. I have received many compliments on how the new LED lights from HyLite LED bring out the unique building architectures within our 175+ year old village. The new lighting makes walking in the village at night more enjoyable and safer. I am extremely pleased with how the project turned out from a dollars and cents standpoint, but the added benefit of the enormous aesthetic improvement has been icing on the cake.” – Ms. Shannon Harty, P.E., Director of Municipal Operations.

Compare Before and After Pictures

Village of Skaneateles wanted to improve their aesthetic, however, not make it overbearing to its citizens. This lead to decision to choose a 3000K CCT of the Intigo Post Top Lamps to make it brighter than the traditional HPS, but not too bright, with 5000K, similar to Daylight.