HyLite Surge Protection Devices

HyLite Lighting: Protecting Your Investment

August 1st, 2015

LED Lighting is a proven, smart investment for replacing conventional HID, HPS, Incandescent, CFL, and Mercury Vapor Lamps. It is eco-friendly and can provide tremendous energy savings, quick payback, and excellent illumination in almost any application. New Retrofit lamps and luminaries are being developed for all types of exterior area lighting, including Parking Lot, Flood Lighting, Street Lighting, and Sports Lighting. LEDs can be a great solution for these exterior applications. They last up to 6 times longer than HID Lamps and greatly reduce maintenance costs.   

LED Lamps and Luminaires are Solid State Electronic Devices. They are comprised of sensitive components that are more susceptible to transients than their HID counterparts. For this reason, it is important to protect an investment in LED technology by ensuring adequate Surge Protection. This is especially true for the exterior applications where power surges and transients can be generated by nearby lightning strikes.    

Surge Protection for LED Lamps and Luminaires should be an important criterion for decision makers. Here are some questions that can be asked to help understand more about Surge Protection and LED Lighting:

  • Does the product specifications or instructions recommend surge protection?
  • Does the manufacturer have surge protection built into the lamp or luminaire?
  • What amount of protection is provided?
  • Is there any additional surge protection device recommended?
  • Is there an additional cost for this protection? 

Too often, LED retrofit lamps are being installed without adequate Surge Protection. Manufacturers recommend the use of Surge Protection in instructions and Spec. Sheets but do not provide it with the product. These lamps can, in turn, blow out making it appear the product was defective when it was really just the result of transients. Premature LED failure can increase maintenance costs as the lamp will need to be replaced. 

To make it easier for decision makers and suppliers, HyLite is now providing a free 10KA/20KV surge protection device with its Omni-Cob and Arc-Cob retrofit lamps that are intended for outdoor use. HyLite LED Omni-Cob and Arc-Cob retrofit lamps are a cost-effective, energy-saving HID replacement for Wall Packs, Parking Lot fixtures, Flood Lights, Area, and Street Lights. The additional surge protection device is intended to help customers protect their investment from premature failure and ensure years of energy saving, maintenance-free operation.