LED A-Series

LED A-Lamps

HyLite LED A-Lamps are the most efficient, longest lasting replacement for incandescent and CFL light bulbs. The proprietary design of HyLite LED A-Lamps offers excellent thermal management, light output, and efficacy. 

The key to a long-lasting life of HyLite LED A-Lamps is exceptional thermal management. They are rated at 25,000 hours of lamp life. This is 25x longer than a traditional incandescent bulb and 6x longer than a CFL bulb. Unlike most CFL lamps where frequent on/off cycles lead to premature failure, HyLite LED A-Lamps are unaffected by frequent “on/off” cycles and are instant on/instant re-strike, making them ideal for use with dimmers.

HyLite LED A-Lamps are the most efficient lighting technology available. They are 80% to 90% more efficient than incandescent lamps and 54% more efficient than CFL bulbs. HyLite LEDs A-Lamps offer bright, seamless, and flicker-free lighting helps to reduce visual fatigue. Available in a wide variety of sizes (A19 GU24, A19, & A21), HyLite LED A-Lamps are ideal for many applications.

Specification Sheets

10W Dimmable A19
Available in 2700K, 3000K, & 5000K

17W Dimmable A21
Available in 3000K & 5000K

9W Dimmable A19-GU24 Base
Available in 3000K & 5000K

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces Energy Consumption: Up to 90% more efficient than traditional lighting technology
  • Ultra Long Life: 25,000 hours.  Eliminates the frequent re-lamping common with incandescent lights
  • Runs Cool: Does not add to Heat Load (Up to 90% cooler than incandescent lamps) 
  • Flicker-Free, No Glare lighting aids visual comfort

  • Instantaneous On and Off No Delay or warm-up time
  • Unaffected by Frequent on/off Cycling
  • Proprietary Design offers excellent thermal management and superior light quality
  • Easy to Install
  • No Mercury or Hazardous Materials
  • 98% recyclable
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Offices
  • Accent Lighting 
  • Architectural Lighting 
  • Retail and Shopping Malls
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals/ Health Care
  • Restaurants

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