Introducing Lotus Lamp RGB/RGBA/RGBW Model

Joe/ April 13, 2020/ News

The Lotus LED RGB/RGBA/RGBW Lamp Provides Full-Spectrum Color Lighting Solutions with Advanced Functionality, Versatility and Operational Efficiency. Set Multiple Lighting Scenes with One Lotus LED RGB/RGBA/RGBW Lamp. The Color possibilities are endless! The Lotus Lamp can now make Traditional PAR Gels Obsolete – No need to change filters all the time. With Proprietary Optics the Lotus LED RGB/RGBA/ RGBW Lamp produces Uniform Light Distribution for Variety of Full-Spectrum Color Lighting Applications. Use as a Fixture or as a Direct Retrofit into an existing Socket.

With an instant start and restart and no warm-up time required, it makes the Lotus LED RGB/RGBA/RGBW Lamp an ideal LED Lamp for Stages and Theaters, Houses of Worship, Exhibits & Banquet Halls, Studios, Convention Centers, Auditoriums, and Arenas. The Lotus LED Lamp has no Electro-Magnetic (EMi) or Radio Frequency Interference (RFi). The Fully Encapsulated Lotus Lamp is Shatter-Proof, High-Shock & HighVibration Resistant. Its Cool Operation does not add any Heat Loads while producing Brilliant Light. The Lotus LED RGB/RGBA/RGBW Lamp is IP65 rated for complete protection against Contact, Dust and Water. The Lotus RGB/RGBA/RGBW model is available in the 100W.

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